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Smoking Battle Claw
Smoking Battle Claw
Status Myth
User(s) Marinuu
Functionality Melee combat, channeling unidentified substance

The Smoking Battle Claw was a gauntlet-like device used by Marinuu, a legendary figure of Matoran mythology. Though its maker is unknown, the Battle Claw was made to be a replacement for Marinuu's left hand, which was lost during a battle against a Zyglak.

Typically wielded as a melee tool, the claw was armed with a trio of metallic talons used to tear through enemy armor. It also possessed the ability to release a little understood mist-like substance that was said to allow Marinuu to both blind foes, and disappear and reappear at will.


  • Marinuu loosing his left hand is a parallel to the legend of his main inspiration, the Aztec deity Tezcatlipoca. In the legends, Tezcatlipoca sacrifices his left foot in order to lure the crocodilian "Earth Monster" Cipactli, which is defeated through the combined efforts of Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl.