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Skrall Bike
Function Transportation, Battle
Status Most Intact
Location Spherus Magna

Skrall Bikes were vehicles created and used on the newly created Spherus Magna.

The first prototype was made by Tarduk some time after Mata Nui reunited Bara Magna and it's moons, and it was made out of some spare parts. He created them to resemble a fallen Skrall. After it's successful test runs, they went into mass production.

Pretty soon, they became a common vehicle seen on all parts of the planet. After this, Skrall Bike racing became a very popular sport and tracks were made all over the planet. Some held races illegally anywhere. The bikes not only were used for racing, but also for climbing and as snowmobiles. Sometimes, Glatorian and Toa use them as battle vehicles by attaching weapons to them.


This is a list of the Skrall Bike's forms and their uses.

Picture Form Function
Normal Land Vehicle A normal motorcycle-type vehicle with wheels. Used in the arena, for races, and for regular transportation.
Climbing Form Mainly used for scaling mountains and steep hills.
Snowmobile Form A form used in snowy terrain.


  • In the BIONICLE story, it could be ridden by anyone. In set form, it can really only be used by Matoran and Agori.