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"Why do Toa exist? Why are they here? Well, obviously so we can rip them apart!"

- Skouran

Skouran was a Skakdi soldier, fighting for his leader. He eventually left to find something more.


Early Life[]

Skouran was a normal Skakdi, like others. He was changed by Makuta Spiriah, just as the others were. He fought in the civil war, and the results varied most of the time. He eventually managed to escape Zakaz, to try and fight something other then Skakdi.

Later Life[]

Skouran wondered throughout the universe, challenging others to fight. He eventually met Toa "Shadow" and was accepted into the High Order of Shadows as a servant, not a member. He helped invade Vaku Nui, and was assigned to help guard a post.

Abilities and Traits[]

With another Skakdi, Skouran could control the water element. His vision power was hypnotism, and his other ability was sheilding, meaning he could create a sheild around himself, or another being. He was considered insane by his fellow Skakdi, even before they were changed. He was ruthlessly savage, and killed his enemies in the most brutal and painful ways possible.


Skouran wieds a saw/drill, identical to the tool Piraka Reidak carried.


  • Skouran knows Giltrex, but the two never speak to each other much.
  • Skouran once propped the dead body of a Toa against the post's wall, to discourage attackers.