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Skakdi Syndicate
Red Hand of Assassins, Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Anyone whom opposes them.

The Skakdi Syndicate, also referred to as the Skakdi Outfit, was an organized crime syndicate on Primordius Magna. Headed by rich or prominent skakdi families, the syndicate competes with rival gangs for territory, money, weapons, and other prohibited goods.


Pre-Civil War Era[]

The Skakdi Syndicate was formed around 32 BKT, when several skakdi, headed byBloödvok, betrayed and left theRed Hand of Assassins (RHA). Bloödvok, coming from a wealthy background, inherited the family business around 30 BKT, which comprised of a chain of Casinos. As the top figures in the syndicate grew in wealth, several other skakdi families joined, until there were five families controlling several different businesses, and at the head of them all, was Bloödvok.

Even with the enormous profits, the skakdi families were not content. Around 30 BKT, they began conspiring about ways to extort money, and soon, set up an extortion business. They would hire people to carry out the dirty work, and then pay them an agreed percent of the money robed or extorted. However, the five families' criminal activity did not go unnoticed. A whole department was set up on Metru Minor, dedicated to hunting down participants in organized crime. Bloödvok promptly began hiring hit men to go out into the open, and assassinate specific targets. Bloödvok, in turn, gained a notorious reputation for back-stabbing his hired hit men, to cover up the assassinations.

In the years leading up to the  Primordius Magna Civil War, tensions between the Skakdi Syndicate and the RHA grew until the reached a boiling point. In the year 6 BKT, the two rival crime bosses, Bloödvok and Sheir-Khan, declared war on one another, and thus, the largest series of gang wars in the history of Primordius Magna began; the RHA and Skakdi Syndicate War.


  • The Skakdi Syndicate's business, leadership, and activities are heavily based off of those of the Chicago Syndicate.
  • Any species (e.i. matoran, toa, vortixx) were allowed to join as hit men, however, only skakdi coming from the five families could lead the syndicate.

Skakdi Syndicate

Leader: Bloödvok

Known Hitmen: ZevrakSkonJarnakLadrannKilrak

Servants/Allies: Kronaxx