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Powers Use Users blow wind
User(s) Aino as a Toa
Status In use, but as a powerless version

Sia, The Mask of Sand was created when Aino acidentally fell into a pool of Energized Protodermis and was transformed into a Toa in Alliance of the Enemies. She used it to create sandstorms. The mask could be also used to boost her pre-excisting elemental sand powers.

The mask was transformed into a powerless version when Aino turned back into a Matoran. Aino still carries the mask but it just is powerless.

Excample Usage[]

Aino used the Sia to blow wind so it would disintegrate and she would get through in Alliance of the Enemies.



  • Aino (Formerly, transformed into a powerless version)



Picture Description
Siapowerless Sia in it's powerless form, shaped like a noble Komau
Sia Sia in the great mask form
Siadamged Sia in it's elite form, after visiting Energized Protodermis


  • The powerless version of the mask was in the shape of a yellow, noble Komau.

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