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The surface of Mata Nui is never rid with shadows. Khaz' Modan is full of it. On the distant island of Alzanaar, the Legendary Hero Toa Vikan Nui (Meaning Great Vikan) is leading his army into the dangerous Makutan Necrodas Gulch to protect Alzanaar's Ports from the shadows reaching as far as the universe of Khaz' Modan. Meanwhile, on Khaz' Modan itself, the Scourge Leader Quel'Moden is charging towards Darnoxuss to reach it's ports and reach the Matoran Universe. Galactic Conflicts will merge in the epic serial, Showdown in Shadows!

Prologue: Glyphs of Corruption[]

Kardanui 1

Vikan rummaged through his kingdom cellar in Rhilosvar, Alzanaar. It wasn't everyday the great Toa Liberator had to actually look for things. He knew something was wrong. He could always feel it. Was it an uprising? No. It couldn't possibly be. His thoughts stopped and he ramshackled the last sack and found what he was looking for. It was a copy of the Codrex Door Keystone, heard to have infinite charges of changing matoran into Toa. It was in the shape of the hole in the mask of Life, symbolizing a person - or as Vikan Nui thought, Mata Nui himself.

The world had been taken over by Teridax already, and Makuta lurked everywhere. But not Alzanaar and Paxila. Everday new reinforcements flew to Paxila and Alzanaar, refreshing and replenishing quantities of soldiers, preparing them for Great War II, the next one Teridax, now the universe, would throw. It wasn't expected because Teridax' soul had been damaged from "Makuta Kojol"'s virus planted into Mata Nui's body.

However, with Makuta who had left the Brotherhood still alive, they re-formed, with all Teridax' original lieutenants destroyed around 208 years ago.
Vikan Nui ran up the stairs with the Codrex Keystone. He confronted Toa Nikhal.
"This is not good, Nikhal. Makutan agents, from what I've heard, have been blending with shadows to sneak around Alzanaar."
"What importance is that?"
"Because, they know about our Gukko ports. They know of the inter-dimensional Kanohi Dragons. They know about the status in Khaz' Modan. They want to destroy us using Khaz' Modan's aid."
"But the Makuta there don't have the same ideas as the Brotherhood."
"They do, Nikhal."
"Yes, but the Makuta of Khaz' Modan are busy ramshackling Darnoxuss."
"Which is just as bad."
"Darnoxuss is a small island but major port. It goes to two different dimensions. Two."

Meanwhile, nearing the shores of Darnoxuss in the universe of Khaz' Modan, Quel'Moden stood at the mast of his boat. It had only been three hours since he conquered easily the neutral island of Moden'Modan. He chuckled to himself what a silly name it was. Had it only been two days to conquer the island? No, it was only a day or so. He smiled as the ship hit land. He was about to conquer another island and a different land.

To be continued....