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Dark Hunters
Mercenary & Bounty Hunters
Formerly Stone
Advanced Sniper with Protosteel bullets; Arsenal of a Variety of Weapons

"Shooter" is a Dark Hunter, a former Toa of Stone, and a former slave on Stelt. He also has very skilled accuracy.


Pre-Dark Hunters[]

Before being forced to join the Dark Hunters, Shooter was a Toa of Air. And in response to a distress call, he and his Toa team went to Stelt. They started to investigate a major robbery in one of the biggest trade companies on the island. Alas, during the investigation, the Toa team got into a battle with the group that robbed the trading company, and in the midst of the battle, Shooter was knocked unconscious. After regaining his conscious, Shooter found himself in a dumpster, with no powers, and a different color body. But he later discovered that he had a knack for hitting things from a distance, and hitting them accurately. Shooter then wandered around looking where his Toa team went, and why he ended up in the dumpster with no powers and a different body color. But with no widgets or proof that he is a Toa, Shooter found himself stuck on Stelt. Then slave holders found him in an alley sleeping during the night. They took him, and trained him for a day. Shooter passed all of their tests, and was approved to be a worthy slave fighter. The slave holders then took him to the market, and sold him to another slave holder. Shooter then started to be forced into battling other slaves. He quickly became a favorite among the audience due to his knack of throwing weapons accurately during fights. And one day, three Dark Hunters were hired to guard an object on Stelt. During their time on Stelt, they occasionally went to fights when they were not protecting the object, and one of the fights they went to attend, they saw Shooter battle. The three Dark Hunters were very impressed by his fighting skills and decided to take him to Odina whenever their assistance were not required any longer. Shooter was then recruited into the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters[]

Shooter was then dispatched to several missions that required assasination through the use of a sniper.

Abilities and Traits[]

Shooter is very skilled with the use of a sniper, and throwing weapons, such as a throwing knife. Shooter's eyes were exposed to Energized Protodermis, which resulted in Shooter having enhanced eyesight, and ultimately resulted in having increased accuracy.


He has his own personal sniper which he carries with him on all of his missions, a Sniper X 0.4, which he stole from an X-Phantom. Shooter makes his own bullets, which are 6 millimeter, Protosteel bullets. Shooter also has a short range of weapons, which include a Protosteel throwing knife; a R-8E, which also he stole from an X-Phantom; and an Acid Throwing Spear.


  • Hewkii90inika will soon release a story serial based on the history of Shooter.