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Toa: Original
Toa: Phoenix Stage 2
Toa Sedren (formerly), Immortal Followers
Immortal Follower
Shadow, Fire
Shadow, Fire, Phoenix
Transformed Vexak
Shadowfire Sword, upgraded Thornax Launcher
Spherus Magna

Shadowsnake is a Toa of Fire who is stuck in Phoenix stage 2. He joined the Immortal Followers


Shadowsnake's original name is unknown, but he was created near the time of the Toa/Dark Hunter War. He was created with five other Toa: Weraz, "Roxos", and a Toa of Ice, a Toa of Stone, and a Toa of Water as members of the Toa Sedren. After allying with the Toa army, they were able to successfully defeat the Kanohi Dragon. During the battle, Shadowsnake was able to defeat numerous Dark Hunters and their allies. Eventaully, the war ended.

The Toa then ran into a Makuta who started attacking them with his army. During the battle, the Great Cataclysm occurred, which gave the Makuta a chance to kill the team's Toa of Ice, Stone, and Water. After learning of this, Shadowhawk was thrown into a state of rage, triggering his Phoenix stage two powers. The Makuta was then severly injured by him, but left alive. Afterward, Shadowsnake calmed down and found himself stuck in stage two, and the team seperated, each remaining member going somewhere else in the Matoran Universe.

Shadowsnake went to the Southern Continent. There, the Matoran gave him shelter. Eventually, Shadowhawk went out into the forest and ran into Shadowhawk, who recruited him as an Immortal Follower. The team then went to the Nothingness Dimension, and from there he went to the Castle of Nothngness.

Shadowsnake then asked to be Shadowhawk's apprentice. The Deity of Shadows accepted, and he renamed himself "Shadowsnake" in honor of Shadowhawk. He was also given elemental Shadow powers. He was then given a spare Thornax Launcher Shadowhawk had and the Shadowfire sword

When Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, Shadowsnake stayed in the Nothingness Dimension. After Teridax's death, Shadowsnake was one of the many who voted for a new base on Spherus Magna.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Shadowsnake is a Toa of Fire, so he has elemental Fire powers. When he became Shadowhawk's apprentice, he was also given elemental Shadow powers. He used a sword while he was a Toa. As an Immortal Follower, he gained a Thornax Launcher which he upgraded and the Shadowfire sword.


  • He loved his team's Toa of Water.
    • He also really, really hates it when anyone talks about her badly.
  • The wings on the MOC used to look different.