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Shadows of the Great Beings
Date Set
10,648 BGC

Shadows of the Great Beings is the canceled first novel in the Gigas Magna storyline. Set before the Shattering, it focuses on the actions of Brominax and Scythe during the Gigas Magna Civil War.


War rages on the planet Gigas Magna. After the destruction of Spherus Magna and the mysterious disappearance of the Great Being overlords, two rival factions compete for dominance of the new capital planet: the Kodax and the Zormacht-li. The conflict has been unrelenting, and without the guiding presence of the Element Lords, it seems no end is in sight.

Amidst this chaos, a Clinician named Brominax joins the fight to discover that he is exceptionally talented at the art of war, but begins to become disillusioned with bloodshed. Leaving the Zormacht-li army, he attempts to seek peace through other ways, only to quickly find himself lost and alone. Even worse, both friend and foe are hunting him down, and the war has now come to him.

Meanwhile, a former member of the Great Shadow mercenary group finds himself ever closer to fulfilling his masters' final order, and recruits a team of former friends to infiltrate the hidden base of an elusive third group in the conflict. However, they soon discover that there is more to this faction than it seems, and the war may not the most dangerous element involved.

As the intrigue gathers and the conflict builds to an explosive climax, Gigas Magna will be brought to its knees by the forces of deception, and nothing will ever be the same...


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