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Shadow Stratix

"You don't know how helpless you are right now Toa." ~Shadow Stratix, Stratix's Story


Shadow Stratix was originaly Toa Stratix from another dimmension. While he was patroling Karda Nui one day, he got bitten by a Shadow leech. But he did not transform. He worked as a BoM member for a while. He eventualy betrayed them though, and accepted "another" job offer. Unfortunatly, he was captured by Makuta Mutran and exposed to pure Shadow. It is currently unknown how he got to his current dimmension.

Mask and Weapons[]

After finishing the experiment, Mutran gave Shadow Stratix a "Shadow Blade", which can fire Shadow blasts. His blade is unique because it is made from Pure Shadow, so SS (Shadow Stratix) can manipulate it's forms'.


SS is very cruel and cunning now that he is Shadow. He is willing to do anything to win and will go to extremely high measures to win a battle.

SS still carries his Kanohi Hau, but it now resembles it's original form (only Grey).


Picture Form Description
Toa Stratix Normal form The form which Shadow Stratix was in before his form was tampered by Makuta Mutran.
Adaptive Armour: Karda-Nui Phantoka form The form which Shadow Stratix shape-shifted into order to fly through the skies of Karda Nui.
Adaptive Armour: Mistika Mistika form A form used by Shadow Stratix to move in swamp-based environments.


  • SS was originaly UltimateTakutanuva's self MOC.
  • SS was extremely inspired by Scotttjt (Toa Hydros, on CBW)'s Hydros