Custom BIONICLE Wiki

The Shadow Pulse rifle is Triple-Barreled Weapon used by the Dark King Teravicus. An Incredibly powerful gun, the Dark Plasma bolts it fires makes it even deadlier due to their known effect of causing ones armor to painfully chang into a black fog along with anything else caught in the Blast radius. Though it is the called a rifle, the Dark King wields it like a handgun.


The SPR is a triple-barreled Assault rifle modified to be able to carry more firepower and greater accuracy. The Top two barrels are vapable of fully automatic fire while the bottom barrel fires a charged Black Death Burst, capable of blasting through entire planets when used correctly. However, the recoil caused by the blast is enough to cause even the densest armor to shatter and cand can crush ones entire body if they are incapable of wielding it properly. On the rear is a small crystal which adds more power to the bolts while the main ammo compartment lies on the top. A gyrinium shadow crystal, able to last up to billions of years before needing to be replenished.


If The Dark King is in a bad mood or in need of taking out long range targets with minimal effort, he will always use the SPR to do the job. The Blast radius is able to be controlled by the gun, which shares a telepathic link with the bearer. It is currently still in the possesion of Its' creator, the Dark King, and is his most feared weapon.


  • The SPR originally had one barrel before I upgraded it to three
  • A picture shall be up in soon