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Shadow Leech Engineering Enhancement Project
Shadow Leech Engineering Enhancement Project Information
Species AffliationMainly Makuta
AlliesThe Brotherhood of Makuta, Order of Mata Nui
EnemiesLeague of Six Kingdoms
Goalto Weaponize and Produce all Kraata, Rahkshi and Shadow Leeches that the Brotherhood needs


S.L.E.E.P. or Shadow Leech Enginering Enhancement Project, was a project created and funded by Makuta Teridax for the sole perpeses of creating and weaponizing diffrent biologicle weapons that the Brotherhood could use against League of the Six Kingdoms in there war. The most well known projects they produced where Kraata, Rahkshi Battle Armor or RBA, and Shadow Leeches. These where the projectes that they produced openly. They are also responcible for creating Shadow Matoran, Shadow Toa, and infected maskes that they used to control Rahi. There most well known experiment named Tythos was the first every succesfuly produced Shadow Matoran ever. Aventualy, there actions would resolt in the creation of S.L.I.P. that would dig further in to the art of Shadow Leeches.




  • Tythos
  • Kraata
  • Rahksh Battle Armor or RBA