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"Shadow" is Obsidious's second-in-command and the first Shadow Toa to ever exist.

Shadow (VSF2009)


Early Life[]

"Shadow" was a Matoran worker working for the Great Beings. He always wanted more then labour, and was very ambitious. Obsidious contacted him, and made him promises of adventure and power. He kept working away, keeping the information that Obsidious gave him secret. He abandoned his post after Obsidious's treachery and imprisonment, and went to work on missions, gathering together some of the greatest criminals in the universe.

High Order of Shadows[]

After gathering all the warriors, Shadow was transformed into a Toa and given his codename. He and the others freed Obsidious from his prison, and he made pronounced them the first members of the "High Order of Shadows".

A hundred years before the Cataclysm Great Cataclysm, the organization conquered the island of Vaku Nui and some of the islands surrounding it. Shadow helped with the construction of the mighty fortress and the prison.


"Shadow" resides in Vaku Nui, standing by his leader. He recently participated in a invasion of one of the island chains, and reported back to his master on how it went. He claimed there were no survivors.

Abilities and Traits[]


"Shadow" is a Toa of Shadow, and is capable of creating and manipulating his element. He can release a Blast Nova Blast of Shadow.

Mask and Tools[]

"Shadow" wears the Kanohi Kryna, Mask of Reanimation. He uses this mask occasionally, which makes him a little bit darker every day. He also wields a scythe, which he can channel his power through.


He is ambitious and likely to betray his fellows, but has become loyal to Obsidous. He is quiet and very rarely speaks.


  • "Shadow" has long since forgotten his original name.
  • The spikes on his arms are part of his armour.
  • The blade-wings on his back don't serve as wings.