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Overview Toa

Shadow is a powerful Elemental Power that allows the controller manipulation over darkness itself.

Species Wielders[]

  • Makuta possess a wide range of Elemental Shadow powers.
  • Shadow Matoran represent the Element of Shadow. They contain a minuscule amount of Elemental Shadow Energy. In most universes they do not exist naturally, but instead exist due to the moral light of a Matoran of any element being drained.
  • Toa of Shadow possess Elemental Power of Shadow, allowing them to create and control any type of shadow. As with Shadow Matoran, they do not exist naturally in many universes, but instead are the result of transformed Shadow Matoran, or a Toa having their moral light drained.
  • Turaga of Shadow have small traces of Elemental Shadow energy.


  • Creating shadows
  • Controlling shadows
  • Absorbing shadows
    • Transforming absorbed shadows into physical energy (exclusive to Shadow Stealer)
  • Creating a Shadow Hand (exclusive to Makuta)
  • Cloaking an area in darkness
  • Detecting the inner darkness within someone
    • Making it emerge
  • Firing Shadow Bolts
  • Inducing temporary blindness
  • Unleashing a Shadow Nova Blast (exclusive to Toa)
  • Using shadows to transport oneself


As long as each wields a different element, providing that Light and Shadow are not included at the same time, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage. Beings other than Toa and the Krahka cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage.

Known Users[]

SJ-109 004

Shados, a Toa of Shadows.

All of the following beings possess shadow powers:


  • Matoran of Shadow could be either male or female, depending on their gender prior to having their light drained.
  • While commonly associated with evil, it was not always. It wasn't until the Brotherhood of Makuta became corrupted that it became associated with evil.