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The Demon Lord Nightrage was once an ordinary agori. He had a chance encounter with a special stone which allowed him to absorb energized protodermis and grow (but he did not know this). By a twist of fate, in the same day he encountered the protodermis entity. It tried to destroy him but he kept absorbing more and more protodermis (and with it came rage and madness) and was eventually twisted into a monstrous being.

The Shade Empire[]

Governing Body[]

  • Nightrage: The Head of the Empire
    • Twisted: Low-Rank General
      • Advanced Mutant Rikshu: Head of the Rikshu army


  • Rikshu: Beings twisted by Nightrage's newfound powers over energized protodermis
    • Binwing: A rahi bird which is used by the army. They are intelligent and would escape but they cannot

The Mojistus and allies (The good)[]

Governing Body[]

  • Ukoriak:King of the Mojistus
    • Lord Erinos: A noble Mojistus with a more ancient body
    • Joshio: A Mojistus Ascetic and ceremonial leader
    • Itshyu: Head of the Mojistus Special Forces. He is the lone surviving Mojistus.
      • Tyuskoni: A foul tempered mojistus "archer". A member of Itshyu's special forces.


  • Jetpack Mechanical Soldier: Advanced Mechanical Soldiers lead by Itshyu
  • Mechanical Soldier: The basic soldiers which make up the mojistus army.


  • Cragthos's Glatorians
    • Cragthos
    • Norinus
    • Sina'ad