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Known states Liquid, Solid
Powers Mutation, Corruption, Enhanced Durability, Can Create Shadadermic Beings
Status Unknown
Location Spherus Magna, Nexa
Pronunciation Sha-da-der-miss

Shadadermus was a substance that was created by Killonn fusing his own DNA, shadow energy and protodermus. He himself is made of it and has absolute control over it which makes anyone who is corrupted by it to be under his control. It also can mutate certain body parts of a being who has been corrupted if their will is not strong enough. Also shadadermus can create strange beings known as Shadadernic Creatures. Since Killonn is made of the substance getting too close to him can be lethal.

Known Corrupted Beings[]

  • Toa Cryrus
  • Most matoran
  • Unknown number of Toa
  • Zalec
  • Demon Lucifer
  • Toa Neox

Known Mutated Beings[]

  • Karum
  • Bowen
  • Toa Neox