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Primary ResidentsSeverak
Former ResidentsN/A
LocationSilver Sea

Severaxia is a volcanic island inhabited by the Severak.


Severaxia was one of the islands created by the Great Beings 100,000 years ago.

Early History[]

When the Great Spirit Mata Nui created the Severak race, they settled on the island of Severaxia. Most became powerful warlords who conquered other lands; others became artisans who perfected technology greater than that of the Matoran. The Severak had the power to create, control and manipulate lava, and could also absorb heat and release it in one devastating energy blast.

Later History[]

The Makuta known as Ventrakk was chosen by Makuta Miserix to watch over the island. When the Brotherhood rebeled, however, Ventrakk left Severaxia in order to pursue his own destiny. Thus, the land of Severaxia became a war-torn realm without the guidance of the Makuta.


The landscape of Severaxia is a dangerous, unstable, volcanic one.

Although large amounts of vegatation are found in some parts of the island, most of Severaxia is highly volcanic. Access to water is hard to find, especially because of the many lava rivers which barricade the streams. Such a Severak who finds access to water is considered very lucky.


  • The name "Severaxia" is derived from the word severe
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