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"It's amazing what you don't get when you don't ask."
―Septimus to Axonn.
Order of Mata Nui
Toa of Twilight, Order of Mata Nui member
Mirazz, Mask of Reflections
Tri-Bladed Lance
Metru Nui

 Septimus is a Toa of Twilight.

History and Traits[]

Early Life[]

As a Matoran, Septimus was always interested in space. He dreamt of one day flying to the Red Star. One day, Septimus made a one-man shuttle, and he actually got so close to the Red Star that he was in it's gravitational pull for two months. Then, when he came out of it, he was struck by lightning from the Red Star, and landed in the ocean. When he emerged, he was a Toa of Light. He would then test his powers on various objects, such as: a dark room, a rogue Toa, and a rogue Matoran. He then joined the Toa Elite, where he met a Toa that wasn't really a Toa.

Toa Elite[]

As a rookie Toa Elite, Septimus made many reckless decisions. One of which, was challenging Makuta Miserix alone. This battle proved Septimus' will power, and it also turned Septimus from a Toa of Light, to a Toa of Twilight. After his defeat, Septimus' left hand was silver, for light powers, and his right hand was black, for shadow powers. He then made a Tri-Bladed Lance that could help channel his twilight powers.

Later Life[]

In his later life, Septimus formed a new Toa Elite, to challenge all of the Makuta in the surrounding area. He was the only survivor. This took a huge emotional toll on Septimus, as he then went into self-exile...only to emerge, a changed man. A few years later, Septimus became a Turaga. As a Turaga, Septimus was then put in charge of all space voyages. Septimus was then murdered by a rogue Toa. Even in his death, Septimus still proved to change the land scape of Metru Nui. Many statues in each Nui section were dedicated to him and his research on space. 20 years later, an unknown toa brought Septimus back to live....but at a cost...The cost was that Septimus was turned back into a Toa at the time of revival.

Abilities and Traits[]


Mask and Tools[]



  • Septimus was made by YouTube user BioBasilisk113(A.K.A. Galusk540)
  • To avoid controversy with KylerNuva135, BioBasilisk113 finds it best to say that Septimus was made BEFORE KylerNuva135's Shadow Katrix. However, Septimus was inspired by the original Katrix.
  • Septimus' lance design goes to KylerNuva135