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Power(s) Telepathy, Telekinisis, Energy Blasts
Location(s) Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation SENT-IN-ALS

Sentinels are beings of legend, known for being some of the greatest creators in history.


Sentinels are the most legendary beings in history. They were great inventors. Their skill rivaled that of the great Artahka himself.

At some point in time, one Sentinal, Vorik, somehow ended up on a desolate beach. What is happening on their home island is not known, noone has ever found their island. Those who have, never returned.

Abilities and Traits[]

Sentinels were higher species,but they didn't act godly. They respect the Great Beings and the other species. They are stubborn, and refuse to interfere with the universe around them.

They are great inventors, making many great machines, weapons and Kanohi. They are telepathic and weild telekinisis. They can fire blasts of energy through their hands or their weapons, though this drains them.


Most Sentinels are Toa-sized, clad in gold armour with varying secondary colours. They most wear masks that are hard to find, one-of-a-kind, or of their own design.

Known Sentinels[]


  • The Sentinels were inspiration for Makuta, though they turned corrupt.