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Secret Toa Resistance
Metru Nui Archives
Toa, Matoran, Turaga, OoMN members
"The League of Six Kingdoms must, and will be defeated. And none of the Barraki will stop us."
Helryx at a confrontation with Pridak, while in a crucial battle with the league.


When the Order of Mata Nui was defeated, Toa Helryx started to worry about the universe. When the Dark Hunters were betrayed and defeated, she begun to gather toa in the Archives of Metru Nui. Later, the toa started in attacking the base of the League of Six Kingdoms. In a crucial battle, Lesovikk was captured, and later executed, after being punished by Kalmah.

Terroristic War[]

Before Lesovikk was killed, Helryx also lost much secrets, since he was punished so much, he told them secrets of the resistance. After this, Helryx started terroristic attacks on the Capital Islands, the main islands of the league.

Known Actions[]

  • Recruiting toa in the resistance
  • Recruiting ex-OoMN members in the resistance
  • Opened a war against the League of Six Kingdoms
    • Starting attacking patrols and weapon transport of the League of Six Kingdoms
    • Starting a series of frontal attacks on the leaders and fortresses of the League of Six Kingdoms
  • Sending troops of agents to the other islands
    • Starting terroristic attacks of the troops and fortresses on other islands.


  • Helryx (Leader)
  • Ackron (Second-in Command)
  • Alara
  • Valrya
  • Wyndion
  • Waevax
  • Fernox
  • Magnenuva
  • An network of several unknown Toa, who command smaller troops at the islands.
  • A few OoMN agents.

Former members[]

  • Lesovikk (Deceased)
  • Great numbers on unidentified Toa killed in battles.
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