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The Sea of Life is the main ocean on the planet of Noctxia Magna.

Picture 7
Sea of Life
Primary ResidentsSea Rahi
Former ResidentsThe Ignika
LocationNoctxia Magna
PronunciationSEE uvv LAEEFF


The Sea of Life, like all Noctxia Magna, was created by an Unidentified Great Being. While the rest of the planet was used as a refuge for displaced beings, the Ignika, Mask of Life, was hidden in the oceans for a time when it was stolen by an unknown power. The Great Beings managed to recover it and moved it to the Matoran Universe.


An underwater view of the Sea of Life

It recently suffered a large earthquake when the Noctian Islands were moved there by the Great Being that created the planet, which generated thousand-foot tsunami waves. The coastal inhabitants are currently rebuilding.


It is filled with many scattered islands and archipelagos. The Mask of Life, when hidden there, caused the sea to turn to a Pit mutagen-like substance that made any being that ventured there a mutated water-breather; as a result, some of the underwater Matoran built cities, which remain undiscovered by the "overlanders." Since the departure of the Mask of Life, the sea lost its mutagenic properties.