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Sea Spider
Rahi Sea Spider
 • Shrink Venom
 • Stasis Rhotuka
Bladed Forelegs
Spherus Magna

The Sea Spiders were a breed of amphibious spider-Rahi.


The Sea Spider species was originally created by Makuta Bitil using viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the species to inhabit the Matoran Universe. Genetically engineered to secrete a powerful enzyme found originally in Skakdi, the Sea Spiders were intended to chemically reconstitute withered vegetation, along with many other aquatic Rahi.

Distributed across the Matoran Universe, the Sea Spiders revealed themselves to be a predatory and ill-tempered breed of Rahi, successfully adapting to aquatic ecosystems around the Great Spirit Robot. While the species generally came to reside along the coastlines of the Matoran Universe, several thousand individual specimens were known to venture across the ponds and marshes in the Southern Continent.

Generally, the Sea Spiders were known to have lived in isolation from the Matoran population, with exceedingly few examples of the species being domesticated. As such, members of the species characteristically thrived in isolation as ambush predators.

In Metru Nui, the Sea Spider population was known to have taken up residence in the less developed coastal regions of Ga-Metru and in stagnant canals. As the gaps in the Metru Nui map closed up and processes of modernization saw the expansion of urban areas into Sea Spider territory, the species began venturing into populated waterways, occasionally coming into conflict with Ga-Matoran while scavenging. Frequently, Vahki Bordakh would be dispatched to apprehend Sea Spiders. During the Toa/Dark Hunter War, Toa Mangai Naho notably led a group of Dark Hunters into a waterway infested with Sea Spiders, allowing the Rahi to dispatch several of the mercenaries.

In the years after the Great Cataclysm, the Sea Spider population of Ga-Metru emerged from hiding, damaging a number of Matoran dwellings and disrupting waters across the district. With the arrival of the Visorak Horde upon the island, however, the overwhelming majority of Sea Spider specimens began hunting the Visorak, picking off Boggarak and devouring entire patrols. Wherever possible, Rahaga Gaaki attempted to free as many Sea Spiders from captivity as possible, recognizing them as a predator of the Visorak.

When the Great Spirit Robot suffered critical damage, the surviving members of the Sea Spider populations emigrated to Spherus Magna. Many have chosen Aqua Magna as their primary habitat, though the Ga-Metru populations seem to have migrated onto land in search of the remaining Visorak scattered across the ecosystem.

Abilities and Traits[]

A species of ancient arachnids inhabiting the freshwater coastlines of the Matoran Universe, Sea Spiders were especially confrontational amphibians. Notable for their hostile nature, Sea Spiders were some of the only known predators of the Visorak, rarely shrinking away from conflict.

Sea Spiders were easily identified by their unusual mouthparts, which were evolved for piercing and sucking, and distinguished themselves by having the ability to walk on water. They were anatomically built to transfer their weight were able to run on top of the water's surface. Able to produce thin strands of webbing, Sea Spiders often built underwater cocoons, which they nested in, detecting trapped prey by the vibrations that they caused while struggling.

Typically, members of the species possessed powerful bladed forelegs, which were coated in a powerful shrinking toxin that diminished the size of potential prey. Their Rhotuka Spinners were evolved over thousands of years, allowing Sea Spiders to trap a target in stasis for prolonged periods.


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