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Full extent unknown, include shapeshifting, telepathy, and hypnotism
Blood Sabres, various torture devices
Presumed extinct as of 212 ASGC
All territories controlled by the Imperial Brotherhood

The Savrahk, more commonly known as Imperial Inquisitors, were a race of artificial sapient beings engineered by the Makuta during the Order Wars, used primarily to hunt down and murder major enemies of the Imperial Brotherhood, although they were also used as bodyguards, intelligence agents, and elite shock troops. They were juggernauts; immensely powerful, incredibly skilled in combat, and highly resistant to pain or trauma. Their deadly reputation was reinforced by the Battle of Odina in 32 ASGC, during which a team of seven Inquisitors killed almost 150 Dark Hunters over the course of a day with only a single casualty. Inquisitors were also incapable of fear, and would pursue their objectives relentlessly and single-mindedly, willing to sacrifice themselves without hesitation to complete their task if needed. Sadists by nature, they would never pass up the opportunity to brutally torture their foes to death, using methods that were unbearably excruciating, but killed slowly in order to make the torture as long and drawn out as possible.

Characteristics & Abilities[]

  • Slightly taller than an average Toa.
  • Can "shapeshift" by using their shadow abilities to create illusions.
  • Naturally superstrong and superfast.
  • Sadistic personalities.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Have well-developed senses.
  • Speak with sibilant voices.
  • Can communicate with others telepathically.
  • Extremely agile and able to move without making almost any sound whatsoever.
  • Able to see clearly in the dark.
  • Tough, have extremely damage-resistant protosteel "skin", highly tolerant to pain, unable to experience fear.