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Order of Mata Nui member P1070218-2

Fire powers
Kanohi Fira (The Great mask of setting things on fire)
Fire Blastagun (formerly), Twin Fire Swords
Spherus Magna
"I don't know how this happened, but I will fight!"
―Toa Saveor

Toa Saveor was a Toa who was part of the Toa Heroes. He was their leader.

Early Life[]

Not much is known although he was definitely a Matoran before becoming a Toa.

Deatha Nui[]

After being turned into a Toa, he was quite stunned, however he was the only Toa Hero who heard a voice in his head telling them to defeat Deathurax.

The Shadow Fortress[]

Upon arriving at the Shadow Fortress, Saveor witnessed his friends being turned evil by Rehedra, and pretended to be evil himself. But upon arriving at the throne room, he kicked Rehedra into a wall and turned his friends good again. Then he fought Deathurax and was angry to see Hellpar disintegrate into a pile of parts, so he used his Mask Power, like all the other Toa, to drive Deathurax away.

The Outlands[]

It was he who decided to teleport to The Outlands to "finish Deathurax off". When they got there, though, Deathurax summoned all of his Makuta to attack them. Although, they killed most of the Makuta, like last time, they were losing against Deathurax. So he brought all of his powers together and absorbed all the dead Makuta, thus transforming him into Titoa Saveor. He then beat Deathurax and used one of his powers to banish him to The Dark Void.

Zardra Nui[]

The Order of Mata Nui Base[]

He was, after defeating Deathurax, asked to join the Order of Mata Nui. He and his team accepted, and they were brought to an Order base, where they were turned into the Toa forms they were meant to have turned into. They learned of the threat of The Rahkshi Overlord, and of Dark Shadow. Later, he and his team fought Dark Shadow, before driving him away with the help of Zeldar.

The Overlord's Base[]

The Toa Heroes managed to fight their way through the base's defences. After encountering R-Turahk (and killing him) they got into the control room. Then they defeated R-Lerahk, but R-Gurahk teleported away, as the Order of Mata Nui members arrived. After Dark Shadow arrived, The Rahkshi Overlord put them all in a stasis bubble while he killed Dark Shadow. When the Overlord poped the stasis bubble, the Overlord immediately destroyed The High Turaga. The Overlord then advanced on Heldar. As Saveor could not bear to watch the Overlord kill Heldar, he jumped on the Overlord's back and pulled off the Ignika. He was dazed, and then he noticed that the Overlord was about to kill him. But, for some strange reason, the Overlord fell apart. After Zeldar teleported the Ignika back to the Karda Nui swamp, they all left. He was later teleported to Spherus Magna.


Toa Saveor


"I think we should teleport to The Outlands and defeat that evil guy once and for all!"
―Toa Saveor to the Toa Heroes
"Focus Saveor, Focus! You need to absorb the bodies, You need to absorb the bodies."
―Toa Saveor to himself when he was about to absorb the dead Makuta.


  • Bionicle- Shadows in Deatha Nui (non-canon)


  • His name is a play on the word "Saviour"