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Brotherhood of Makuta
Necrosaur (formerly), Makuta
Guardian of Gekle
Unable to wear Kanohi
Claws, razor sharp tail, Zamor launcher

Saurakai was a Necrosaur, until he became a BoM member 94,000 years ago, and was assigned to his homeland, Gekle, after the Metru Nui Civil War.


Was a prime warlord of his species until roughly 94,290 years ago, when the BoM formed and he was made into a Makuta by the Brotherhood in an experiment, but remained, and still is, a prime warlord serving his species. After that, he helped Tridax, Chirox and Mutran with their experiments and even created a few Rahi, the Karak was his creation, and the Kruiv and Venom Raptor. When Miserix decided that the Makuta should be assigned to regions, he assigned Saurakai to his homeland, Gekle. His history after that is unknown, but he was assigned also to watch over the island of Valmai, since the island's Makuta was dead.

He began seeking a treasure hidden on the island, but failed to find it. It was around this time he based himself on Mount Nui, converting the Western Caves of the Mountain into a fortress for himself and his Frostelus followers.

He was, however, on the mountain when it mysteriously split off from the rest of the island. An Order of Mata Nui member, named Aruik, was on the mountain also, and only stayed behind to help the Ko-Matoran on the island. However, any Matoran foolish enough to go onto the western side of the mountain, or near the peak of the mountain, were killed by the Frostelus who, along with their new master, lived in those areas. Saurakai knew there was a secret, ancient item of power hidden somewhere on the mountain, though neither the Ko-Matoran or their Turaga know, and Aruik is keeping it a secret.

Saurakai has joined the Nexensis, and has since vanished from Mount Nui, along with his Frostelus, though he later joined his fellow Nexensis on Kavaka Nui.


He has retained his "natural" weapons from when he was a Necrosaur. He still uses his claws, and barbed tail from when he was one. He acquired the Zamor launcher from the Shadowed One as a reward for catching and killing a Toa.

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