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"If you die you're luckier since i had to suffer painfully for awhile but then again here i am"
―Makuta Satrix talking to a new recruit

Upgraded Arm



Nothing much is known about Satrix before the Brotherhood's Betrayal other than he created stone type rahi.

During Brotherhood's Betrayel

Satrix chose Miserix's side since he found no fun in power and in domination.On one occasion a Dark Hunter was hired to kill him,the hunter chose to plant an explosive device the rest should be known

Survival and Recruitment into the Order

An order member stumbled upon him and recruited him after questioning him about his intentions Satrix said he valued freedom among all because of that he was quickly restored to health and turned into a cyborg

After 5,000 Years

After 5,000 Years he is now a trainer in sheilding the member's mind and advising survival skills

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Makuta, Satrix can create, control, and absorb Shadow. He also possesses the 40+ Kraata powers

Like all Order Members he can shield his mind

Satrix is a friendly makuta but in training sessions he takes his job seriously this is not often understood by new recruits.

Recently he upgraded his arm for interchangeable enhancements one notable one is a rocket launcher insipred by the FGM-148 Javelin mislle.

His callsign on missions is Arbiter

Mask and Tools[]

Satrix wears the Kanohi Arthron ,the Great Mask of Sonar,which allows him to locate beings or objects through echolocation.

He carries a Shadow Sword(which enhances his shadow power) which can change into a Gravity Staff(which enhances his gravity powers) at will.


  • Makuta Satrix is inspired by Ganon
  • The pictured form is supposed to be his gravity increased but instead was chosen as his form
  • His cyborg like attributs are also inspired by Ganon
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