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Electro-Blades, Claws



Sarda is a Ta-Matoran native to Mahri Nui.


Early Life

Sarda was sent to Karzahni for repairs, but the ruler turned him instead into a weaker form, and was sent to Voya Nui. During the Great Cataclysm, A portion of Voya Nui fell to the ocean, and the mutagenic waters of the Pit partially reverted Karzahni's changes returning him to his former, stronger form.

Mahri Nui

Sarda was saved by his old friend Toa Lesovikk from a Takea Shark, but his air bubble run out, and his mutations were completed, turning him into a water-breathing being. However, Karzahni suddenly appeared and battled the Toa of Air in an attempt to sharpen his skills in combat. His emnity with Karzahni continued on as he was a victim of Karzahni's Kanohi Olisi, which briefly ensnared him in a vision where his teammates hadn't meet their demise.

Sarda and Idris were forced to confront the tyrant alone, but eventually Lesovikk broke free from the illusion and defeated Karzahni. They encountered a breathing helmet and they gave it to Irdis, while Lesovikk and Sarda would help Hydraxon to recapture the escaped prisoners.


After returning with an escaped prisoner, Lesovikk and Sarda encountered a mutated Ko-Matoran named Sephxion, who asked them to help him find his Toa friend and a Zyglak who were in pursuit of Nocturn. The three of them arrived in time when Nocturn had Toa Dumaire and the Zyglak cornered. While the two Toa and the Zyglak kept the warrior occupied, the two Matoran used the wrecked Maxilos' Cordak Blaster against Nocturn. It gave them the opportunity to finish him and defeat him.

Dumaire and the others had planned to take him alive, but the Zyglak impaled Nocturn with his dagger, killing him instantly. Dumaire, tired of his companion's attitude, faced the the creature one last time. This time, he was able to defeat it with the help of Lesovikk, and ended his life in rage.

The Toa and the Matoran took Nocturn's tools as evidence of his death, and Hydraxon reported them that the Order of Mata Nui was about to launch his final assault against the Brotherhood of Makuta, and that they needed to recruit several prisoner from the Pit. Dumaire, Lessovikk and the Two Matoran agreed to help them to win the war, so Hydraxon provided them with a Breathing Helmet that would allow them to breath water outside the Pit. Sarda was then drafted into the Order of Mata Nui's war against the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Sarda later evacuated the Matoran Universe upon Makuta Teridax's death and has emigrated to Spherus Magna along with Lesovikk.