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Delan: "This will be our last job as freelancers..."
Sarai: "So we're the last forty, Delan."
―a conversation between Delan and Sarai[src]

Sarai is a female Toa of Light disguised as a Toa of Fire. She is teamed with a true Toa of Fire named Delan.


Early History[]

Sarai was a Matoran working on Nynrah for years as a Nynrah Ghost. She befriended a Ta-Matoran named Delan, who she usually worked with. During her time on Nynrah, she and Delan somehow became Toa, although it is unknown exactly how.

Toa Mangai[]

After becoming Toa, they arrived on Metru Nui via Toa Canisters. The two joined a large team of Toa, known as the Mangai, under the lead of a Toa named Lhikan.

Sarai's first mission was to save the city from the wrath of the Kanohi Dragon. The creature was subdued and sent to the island of Xia.

She also participated in the Toa-Dark Hunter War, and was present at the ambush of the Dark Hunters in the Canyon of Whispers.

Sea Gates[]

Years of protecting Metru Nui went by, and Sarai and Delan were both ordered to close the Sea Gates that linked the city with the rest of the universe. When she, Delan, and two other Toa arrived at their assigned gate, a dark hunter attacked them, killing the other two Toa. Sarai tried to grab one of their fallen friend's mask, a Kakama, but failed. The two escaped out of the sea gate before they could be killed.

The two were left adrift in a boat for years, until they washed ashore on Tetra Nui. There were no active Toa teams there, so Sarai joined Delan and became a Freelancer.


Sarai is curious and risky. She loves taking dangerous jobs (many of which Delan doesn't want to do), and she also has a habit of plunging into danger. This has almost cost her her life at least five times.

She has also worked with Delan for years, and she has an affection for the Toa of Fire.

Mask and Tools[]

Sarai wears a Great Kanohi Huna, a mask of invisibility, which allows her to disappear, but her shadow remains. She carries a Laser Shortsword, which allows her to channel her power of light, which she disguises as fire.


  • Sarai is named after the Biblical wife of Abram/Abraham.
  • She was inspired by user Ids5621's Jessaco.