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Sand Dwellers
Location Verbak Desert
Purpose None

The Sand Dwellers are a small society of beings with nowhere to turn to living in the Verbak Desert.


The Sand Dwellers were first formed when Turaga Daxan, leading a somewhat-large group of beings, sent out a few members of his group to find a new home. Several of them suggested the forest, but, upon hearing the suggestion of the Matus Nui desert, Turaga Daxan decided upon this and set off for the area, his group following him.

The group traveled for days, taking with them things like supplies, building materials, large tents, and food. At one point during the journey, Daxan stopped, declaring that point to be the spot where they build their village. Construction of the village took months, until finally they had a small village.

Over the next two years, the village constantly grew; secret trade with allies in Matrux Nui was established, new members came in occasionally, warriors were trained to defend the village in case of attack, and several other additions.

At one point, Draxo was out of the village and he found Skovax. He took Skovax to the village, where he was led to Daxan and accepted into the village.


Being out in the desert, the Sand Dwellers have no source of food, so trade with Matrux Nui is the only way they can get food. The village is under the leadership of Turaga Daxan.



  • The Sand Dwellers were first thought of by one of Toa 95's friends.