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Tan, yellow, black, brown

Sand is an Elemental Power. It is not very common within the Matoran Universe, with only three known beings recorded as possessing it at one point in history.

Species Wielders[]


  • Matoran of Sand, or Sa-Matoran, would come in the colours of Yellow, Black and Brown, and have inactive sand powers. They would also be naturally good at making sand sculptures and building using glass. 
  • Toa of Sand can manipulate, absorb, create and (in some cases) turn things into Sand. If they use all of their elemental Sand energy, they must wait for it to recharge.
  • A Turaga of Sand would possess small traces of Sand energy. 

Element Lords

  •  The Element Lord of Sand has a vast range of Sand-related powers.
    AOSR Element Lord of Sand

    Element Lord


  • Creating sand
  • Controlling sand
  • Changing the shape and form of sand
    • Making sand fly through the air.
    • Using sand to capture or immobilize an opponent
    • Using sand to create a dense shield
  • Absorbing sand
  • Turning objects or beings into sand statues
  • Setting a timed Sand blast (Nuva-exclusive).
  • Turning oneself into sand (Makao-exclusive)
  • Acute sight, Great agility, and higher stamina are known passive traits of users of this Element
  • Unleashing a Sand Nova Blast. (Toa-Exclusive)


  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Fire, it can be used to create glass.
  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Water, it can be used to create mud.
  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Air, it can be used to create a sandstorm.
  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Ice, it can be used to create crystal.
  • When combined with the Elemental Power of Light, it can be used to create glowing sand.
  • When combined with any other five different Elements (so long as Light and Shadow aren't in the same mix), it creates a Protodermis cage around the target that is only breakable by a second union of the six Elements.


All of the following have or had the Element of Sand in some degree:

All of the following locations are affiliated with the Element of Sand:


  • Initially, the Great Beings excluded Sand from the Matoran Universe during its creation. A possible reason for this is that sand may not exactly have been common within its environments, nor would there much need for it.
    • However, the Element does appear within the Great Spirit Robot (albeit as a rarity).
    • Si is a prefix from the word siliceous.