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Rutilus was the Co-Makuta of Xia.


Joined the BoM when Teridax usurped Miserix's position, and was Krika's helper until as recently as the days before the Great Cataclysm, when he became the Makuta of Xia. He joined the Nexensis group after the Matoran left for Mata Nui. He and the other eleven members of the Nexensis club were sent to Karda Nui to control Mata Nui's situation and keep him asleep. They all split up, Nivius, Vitiosus, Viridis, Atra, Rutilus and Crocinus patrolled the eastern side of the swamp and remained the Nexensis, Gorast, Krika and Bitil patrolled th eastern part of the swamp as the Mistika, and Antroz Vamprah and Chirox prepared to welcome the Toa Nuva in the skies as the Phantoka. The Nexensis and Mistika were mutated by the swamp water into freaks, and could no longer shapeshift, or send telepathic messages. Rutilus and the rest of the Nexensis are heading to warn the Phantoka so the same thing doesn't happen to them, as those three were the Mistikas' and Nexensis' only link to the world outside Karda Nui. He, like the other Nexensis, discovered Teridax's plan like Krika, and fled. They flew to Gisitra Nui, where they hid with Atrox.

He, Viridis, Atra and Nivius were teamed up to go to Karda Nui to destroy the Codrex with a nova bomb so that Teridax would die, while Vitiosus, Crocinus and Atrox went to Metru Nui to confront Teridax directly and distract him. When they reached Karda Nui, they just managed to avoid the Energy Storm and found the Codrex's shield down from Krika's attack on it. They made it inside and just as they placed the nova bomb in the right place, the universe shook as Teridax was killed by Mata Nui. Rutilus, Nivius and Atra journeyed outside as the Energy Stormed stopped, before flickering back for a split second and killing all three of them. Only Viridis, who had held back, survived.


Before being mutated, he had white and silver armour. After being mutated his armour turned red, and like the Mistika and his fellow Nexensis, he had to drain the light of others to survive.

Tools and mask[]

His mask is the Kanohi Terrorna, and he carries strangely shaped venomous throwing daggers.


  • Rutilus is both a pun on the word ruthless, and the Latin word for red.
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