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Altronia Operative
Elemental Fire
Sword, Razor Shield

Runik is a Toa of Fire and leader of the Toa Tronux from the Altronia Continuity.


Runik was brought into existence as a Ta-Matoran and transformed to a Toa by an unknown means.

He was somehow teamed with Yurdil, Bartha, Jahvoka, and Xovar and led the five of them through severa adventures. Xovar's self-sufficiency led to many conflicts with Runik, though the two still became friends.

Runik was on a mission with his team when he was captured by Burtok and experimented upon. His stature was reduced and powers decreased, and some of his memory was erased. He soon joined the Avenging Alliance with rest of his team, and contributed to many of their fights.

Runik was eventually given his power back by a formula Suntrah found while raiding Burtok's fortress, and his former stature was restored. He rejioced with the rest of his team, and joined them on their way to Altronia, then was admitted into the Order of Altronia. He was given a razor shield by Rajal.

While on a stroll with his teammates, he encountered Xovar once again and, after some discussion, added him to the Toa Tronux again.

Powers and Equipment[]

Runik has elemental abilities over fire, and thus could manipulate, create, and absorb fire. His power was halved while shrunken, but its original level was restored.

Runik could wield his sword with great skill and finesse. He often coupled this with his agility to fight more effectively. After being given a shield by Rajal, he has learned to hurl it with skill and accuracy.

Personality and Traits[]

Runik retains some brashness common to most Toa of Fire, but this mainly applies to himself. He is a cautious strategist, not willing to take risks unless necessary. He fights solitarily with much aggression and little thought of his own safety, which could stem from his willingness to give his life for justice.

Runik, while depowered, actually lost almost all of his confidence and almost became a coward, for he now felt that he could hardly hope to stand against anything with any real resistance. He has gained much of that back, but also retrospectively realized that he was wrong to think that way and has a greater respect for those smaller than him.


  • Sidd built him in small version some time ago, and also used Dume's mask for Runik's.