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This article is about sapient race. You may be looking for bounty hunter who ritually bears their name.
Rulanark (species)
Unknown Island

The Rulanark are a sapient race from the Altronia Continuity.


Rulanark are seven-foot bipeds with short torsos, wide shoulders, and somewhat long, muscular legs. They are known for their ability to learn many different physical skills, from acrobatics to combat to even endurance sports. They also have a great muscle memory, able to learn a skill and then use it several millenia later just as well as ever.

Rulanark are Toa-like in many respects, but are unique, with some parts of their anatomy being more similar to Skakdi.

Society and Culture[]

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They were created along with the Matoran Universe by the Great Beings, and placed on an unknown island to inhabit. They lived in peace, as did all the races inside the robot, for centuries.

At some point, for some reason that Argh knows but Sidd constantly forgets, they decided that the one who was best able to earn his living through any means necessary was best suited to lead and represent the rest of them, and naming their most intelligent and combat-worthy member after the whole species and allowing him to lead them became a tradition.

Their current leader is also a bounty hunter, currently on a mission.

Known Inidividuals[]