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Group Dark Hunters(formerly), Blood of Karzahni
Occupation Elite Guard
Element N/A
Powers Electricty, such as Ehlek
Kanohi N/A
Tools N/A
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation ROO-kam

Rukam is a former member of the Dark Hunters, and a member of the Blood of Karzahni. He acts as Commakand's personal guard.


Early Life

Little is known about Rukam's early life. He served directly under Ehlek during the League of Six Kingdoms and was thrown into the pit along with Ehlek and Amphibax, who promptly abandoned him.

Dark Hunters

During the Great Cataclysm Rukam escaped the Pit, and joined the Dark Hunters prior to Amphibax. He worked for The Shadowed One as a guard on Odina protecting their base. Flaze joined the Dark Hunters and singled him out. Rukam was bought by the Blood of Karzahni for ten thousand widgets.

Blood of Karzahni

Little can be said for this time. Though his skills are impressive, he was never used for any missions other than guarding.

Spherus Magna

Along with the rest of the Blood of Karzahni, Rukam moved to Spherus Magna, where he continued to guard Commakand, until the death of Commakand. He guards Lekrave to this day.

Abilities and Traits

Rukam, though evil, once had some vestige of honor, mostly lost when abandoned in the Pit. He is more of a mercenary than any other member of the Blood, and will sell out to the highest bidder, though this has never happened since the Blood recruited him. He knows how to use hand-to-hand weapons impressively. He is considered scum by some of the Blood of Karzahni, including Lekrave (though this later changed), and this only increased his bitterness. Like Ehlek, he can fire lightening, and electrify objects.