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Nebaq Rorim
Title Mask of Deflection
Powers Deflecting energy blasts
Component disks Unknown, possibly includes Growth and Regeneration.
Pronunciation Roh-rihm

The Kanohi Rorim is the Mask of Deflection.

It projects a shield around the user, much like a Hau. However, unlike it, it deflects various kinds of energy blasts, such as Elemental Energy. However, it does not protect the user from physical attacks or objects (such as thrown/shot projectiles), and still leaves them vulnerable to mental assault. The Noble version of the mask is considerably weaker than that of the Great version.

Example usage

  • In the Toa Empire Alternate Universe, Nebaq used the Kanohi to deflect an enemy Toa's Elemental blast back at him during the attack on the Coliseum.

Known bearers


  • Nebaq
  • Prinduk (Revived)


  • The iinspiration for the Kanohi came from an old BIONICLE fanfic Ahpolkii Inika found on In the story, one of the characters utilized a Kanohi with powers similar to that of the Rorim. However, Rorim's power might not exactly be the same as that story's Kanohi, as many of its details were long since forgotten by him. The original source of inspiration may have also used a different title for it's mask (Such as the "Mask of Reflection"?).
  • The mask's name is derived from the word "Mirror", due to said object's ability to deflect light.