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Successivamente il fiore, più prezioso il fiore[]

He had frozen the entire Great Hall of Opayn. His cold breath penetrated the frosty air like the tip of a fishing line would penetrate water.

'The entrance has to be near,' Xiov thought to himself. Using his Kanohi Akaku, the Toa glanced around the Great Hall. After looking around the hall, he gained no result. 'Wait a minute,' the toa thought,'If I concentrate my Kanohi by twofold, I should be able to find the entrance!' The toa looked around the room with antacipation. Around 10 seconds later, his hypothesis was rewarded. He walked towards the entrance; the icey floor cracked beneath his feet like shards of glass. As he walked towards the entrance, Xiov felt an uneasy sensation. It was as if the entire frozen room was being melted by some inexplicable primal rage. And then it happened.

The being smashed through a wall, lunged at the Toa and sent him flying. With an impetuous rage, the creature spoke. It said,

"Long time, no see....", drawing another angry breath, "...Toa Xiov."