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Powerless Huna
Disk Launcher, Plamsa Claws

"I always felt I was part of a greater plan, just not ready to act it out yet."

Ronuo is a Onu-Matoran living in the Southern Continent in Bo-Koro. He lives in the Fragmented Universe.


Like most Onu-Matoran, Ronuo began his life on Spherus Magna, where he aided in the construction of the Matoran Universe. Once it was complete, he was placed on the Southern Continent and became part of a village known as Bo-Koro.

There he knew Elisis and Fare, and enjoyed his stories of her adventures. He also knew Kinla, and frankly, had a crush on her.

One day the Jafhga attacked, a giant Rahi scorpion, but a strange Toa of Stone arrived and drove it from the village. The Toa then decided to stay and be the guardian of the city.

He was there when Fare came home with a strange Mask. He was one of the Matoran who brought him back to the city after his mind was destroyed by the Mask, and helped Elisis move all of Fare's manuscripts into storage.

Alternate Versions[]

ThatDevilGuy History[]

Ronuo is an Onu-Matoran and second in command of the Toa Malia.

Fight for Furro[]

He battles against the alternate Toa Neirae. He saves Fronn from several Rakshire with the help of Ghi. The three of them then fight a Makuta member of the alternate Toa Neirae.

Personality and traits[]

He often tries to take charge during a crisis or enemy attack, but Fronn always stops him.

Powers and equipment[]

He has a pair of Plasma Claws. He attached a disk laucher to one these Plasma Claws. They do not possess any powers, despite their name suggesting so.