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Rode Nui Wolf
Vibrant colors attract prey, good trackers
Rode Nui (formerly), Spherus Magna
Road Noo-ee Wulf

The Rode Nui Wolf is a Rahi species that is found only on Rode Nui, an island northeast of the Northern Continent in the Fragmented Universe.


The Rode Nui Wolves were created by Makuta Axis to inhabit the small island of Rode Nui, which was off the coast of the Northern Continent to work as predators. Some rumors say that he created them to guard a secret fortress.

It is said that they are the reason that there are no more Matoran on Rode Nui, because ruins of villages have been found on the island and it is speculated that the Rode Nui Wolves destroyed them.

Following the Battle of Bara Magna, they migrated to Spherus Magna and went into the wildernesses. They are opposed by the Klickers, another group of aggressive Rahi.


It is a huge red-and-green carnivore that preys on smaller Rahi, though they are known to eat anything that gets close enough to them, including Matoran or Toa.

They have no special powers, but are good trackers and have evolved an ability best described as the opposite of camouflage--their vibrant colors stand out and attract prey.


They like shiny and sliver objects, and try to decorate the burrows they inhabit with such objects. They live in hot areas, such as the Ta-Rode region of Rode Nui and the tropical island off the coast of it.

The biggest weakness of the Rode Nui Wolf is that the venom of the Maka snake (a small snake that lives in Po-Rode) is, while only able to cause paralysis to any other species, actually deadly to the Rode Nui Wolf. The venom from a hatchling Maka snake is especially deadly.


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