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Chapter 1[]

This took place after Toa Woluff's Blog Chapter 4...

Makuta Crotask smashed Toa Resol and Toa Kuzon against a wall. His eyes were ablaze in fury. "You lost the chemicals?!" he bellowed.

"It wasn't our fault." Resol said while struggling under Crotask's arm, "Some Toa interfered."

"It dosen't matter." Crotask said while smiling, "You have failed me for the last time. Both of you."

He then unleashed his Shadow hand and grasped the Toa. They screamed as they were pulled and absorbed into Crotask's body. Crotask then went under some changes and became even more powerful. "Mazi, Foaot!" The two toa came into the room, "It is time we made my presence known." Crotask said as he left the cavern.

To be continued in Tale of The Toa Spartan chapter 4- 5...

Chapter 2[]

This takes place after Chapter 5 of Tale of the Toa Spartan.

Crotask landed into his cave and began shuffling around some supplies. Then he found what he was looking for. He then read the partchment out loud, "From the deeps of hell, from the souls of Heaven bring me Toa Retac!"

Retac the rose from the floor and stared at Makuta Crotask with a blank stare. "You are alive once again, thanks to me." Crotask said while circling him, "Do you remember how you died?"

"I saved my teammates' lives by sacrificing myself to the exploding Alpha Chemical factory." Retac said while having emotion back in his face.

"You're teammates set that up." Crotask lied, "They wanted you gone, so they called the help of the Toa Spartan to eliminate you."

"What?!" Retac said in shock.

"I even heard Poliki wanted you most gone." Crotask said while hiding a smile.


"Then join me." Crotask said while taking a knee, "We could use some one like you. Be my apprentice and we will destroy him and the Spartans."

"I will." Retac said.

Crotask smiled then lend Retac a hand. Retac took it and began feeling a burning pain. He then started to transform into a new being.

"Now you are no longer Retac the Weakling. You are Toa Cater a powerful and confident leader of the Toa Karkz."" Crotask said while smiling to himself.