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A male guard Rhakre of Thunder (left) and a female Rhakre, Kymaski (right).

Location : Rhakre Universe; Throughout the Surface Universe
Allies : Matoran, Order of Mata Nui
Enemies : Makuta, Dark Hunters, Zyglak,
Color(s) : Most Colors combined with black or silver
Goal(s) : none
Leader(s) : independent
Tool(s) : Kanohkren, Rhakren weapons
Status : Thriving
Pronunciation : ROCK-er


Rhakre (pl.: Rhakren) are a species that entered the Bionicle Universe from a Asteroid that broke off the Rhakre Universe that contained a village of Rhakren and Rhakren Subspecies. Rhakren have a large head, short body, natural arms, and long biomechanical legs. The are both male and female, and can produce offspring. They are good climbers and are very agile, and a Rhakre of Water would be a good swimmer as well. The difference between a male and a female Rhakre is that male Rhakren have clawed feet and are taller than females, while females have Rahkshi-like feet and are usually shorter. Rhakren can aslo get married and have children, called Rhakrenettes. All Rharkre are related to the Hadinors. In fact, they made a peace treaty to prevent continuing the Hadinor/Rharkre War. They shared their culture and the Hadinors shared theirs. So that day on, they are distantly related to the Hadinors forever.


Rhakren can be of these traditional elements.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Lightning
  • Sonics

They also have their own elements, which are more common than the traditional ones

  • Motion
  • Acoustics/Echos
  • Thunder (weather)
  • Life (health)
  • Poison
  • Sand/Dust

Rhakren have a small amount of light within them. If this amount was increased or drained, however, they would cease to exist because thay cannot be the elements light or shadow.


Rhakren wear a special type of mask that is made from organic matter called Kanohkren. Rhakren are blind without them, and since Kanohkren are organic, they will decompose in 6–8 months since they were created. Because of this, a Rhakre must replace his Kanohkren in 6–8 months. If a Rhakre wears a decomposing Kanohkren for too long, they may develop a disease called Kanohkren Infection Syndrome (KIS). It has no cure, but it is easily prevented.


Rhakren have jobs similar to Matoran, but there are some unique to them. Rhakren mostly work with rahi, since they can learn their language and negotiate with them to make them work rather that use force. Some are hired as translators for of the Matoran language, because Rhakren trade frequently with the Matoran for supplies. Others specialize in the making and selling of Kanohkren, which is a long and tedious process. Some are trained to be guards of the villages, and those with great skill and experience with fighting become warriors.


  • Kintrael; four-armed Rhakren with larger bodies
  • Vhorqa; winged Rhakren
  • Ennwe; have a long, organic tail and beetle-like wings.

Known Rhakren[]

  • Kymaski, a female Rhakre of Motion that lived in the Unending Fields that is friends with Tushei
  • A Rhakre that spoke to Toa Dekea in the Toa Dekea Kynika Blog
  • Dozens of other Rhakren the Dekea and Nadhoku saw emerging from the meteor.


  • Rhakren speak their own language with it's own alphabet, called Arysti
  • Rhakren subspecies each have their own dialect of the Arysti language