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Vorred RhagardSmall
Center of Balfe Nui
Toa (formerly)
Matoran (formerly)
Glatorian (formerly)
Agori (formerly)

Rhagard was the capitol settlement-fortress of Balfe Nui, in the Remains Alternate Universe.


The settlement was first build by the earliest inhabitants of Balfe Nui, under the leadership of Nuva. As time passed, Rhagard became the center of trade and manifested itself as the key location and most important residence of the local Matoran. After Nuva was banished the city fell into disrepair and with most trade routes fading into obscurity its status of improtance dwindled.

Much later, Lorani took over as leader and began to rebuild and fortify the old structure. For a time Rhagard faced a revival in prosperity.
When Nuva was reawakened, Lorani was heavily injured. Most of her administrative actions were executed by her assistant, Grentar, but without her personal lead the city faced a decline once more.

Rhagard's fate would be decided months later when Merall and later the rest of the remnants of the Patriots appeared. While preparing a final battle with Nuva, the new arrivals brought pieces of an ancient machine with them; a machine that would later, after being activated, not help but wreak havoc upon the city's inhabitants. With the arrival of Nuva, the rogue machine was destroyed; but over half the population was banished from the old settlement as well.

The city of Rhagard was ulitmately destroyed in the Battle of Rhagard. After the conflict the settlement was left in ruin and abandoned, leaving the old fortress to be retaken by nature.



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