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"We are called Reptisapeans, but to the Matoran we are the wise, and to our enemies we are death."
―An unidentified Reptisapean to Leviathos
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Reptisapeans are a type of sapient Rahi in the Gigas Magna storyline, classified as Cephalosapiens. They are evolved versions of the Gekkans, and reside across the Solis Magna system, notably on Noctxia Magna, the Matoran universe, and Gigas Magna.


The Reptisapeans, enhanced versions of the existing Gekkan species, were created by the Order of Great Beings during the construction of the Great Spirit robot to serve as inhabitants of the Matoran universe. After the awakening of Mata Nui and his launching into outer space, many Reptisapeans made their homes on the Noctian Islands, notably Gekkak Nui.

Following the Second Battle of Tenik Nui on the planet of Gigas Magna, during which a massive swarm of Gekkans swarmed the Imperial Kodax armies, the Great Beings invited the members of the horde to become Reptisapeans. Many remained on the planet, colonizing the western continent, though a few were recruited into the Noctxia Guardians and traveled to Noctxia Magna.

When the Noctian Islands were fused to form Noctia Nui and teleported to Noctxia Magna, most Reptisapeans ended up there as well.


Like their precursors, the Gekkans, the Reptisapean race is unusual among Matoran universe inhabitants in that individuals are almost entirely organic, created with only a few mechanical implants, though many have taken on more throughout the course of history. This leads them to possess traits that belong solely to biological species: among these are biological reproduction and the ability to break down food into nutrients (as an alternative to absorbing its energy).

Unlike the Gekkans, the Reptisapeans have a higher brain capacity, though this sacrifices the size of the nasal cavity, leading to roughly equal senses. However, all of these are still superior to those of most other species, leading to the mistaken belief that the Reptisapeans have psionic power. This belief has in part led to the induction of many of the species into combative factions.

All Reptisapeans control the power of acid, but, curiously, it can only be channeled through protodermis weapons, causing some to believe that the weapons, not the beings, possess the power.

Society and culture[]

Matoran universe Cephalosapiens have generally hierarchical societies, many of which are oriented around skill in combat. This is something that many Reptisapeans possess in great amounts; some even have dead Makuta to their name.

Reptisapeans are physiologically attuned to prefer jungle environments, and thus tend to congregate in those areas, with major settlements in such regions, such as Gekkak Nui or the Gigas Magna western continent.

Known individuals[]

  • Chameleo
  • Iguantius
  • Ion


  • The name is based on that of the Saursapiens.
  • As there was neither a Shattering nor a Kodax War in the Shifting of the Sands universe, the Reptisapeans do not exist, and are still the Gekkans.