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Mutated Toa
Limited Elemental Water powers, binding Rhotuka, amphibiouness, great strength
Hooked Hordika Spike, twin axes, Squid Launcher, Rhotuka Launcher
Transformed, alive
Aqua Magna

Rejzu is a mutant Toa Hordika of Water banished to the Pit who currently serves the ex-warlord Alxor.


Originally a promising Ga-Matoran student, Rejzu's destiny selected her to become a Toa of Water as well as one of her village's few guardians, a job she did long and well. Eventually, however, Rejzu's village was confronted by a swarm of Visorak spiders, who quickly managed to overrun the settlement despite the Toa's best efforts to defend it.

She eventually managed to drive away the spider Rahi, though not before being bitten and injected with the Visorak's mutagenic Hordika Venom. Soon afterward, she was transformed into a bestial Toa Hordika and despite her efforts to defend the village, was chased away by its residents, who mistook Rejzu for a monster. Heartbroken and alone, Rejzu was forced to steal and plunder in order to survive. At one point during her travels, Rejzu was enraged to the point where see killed an entire team of Toa, though was later defeated herself. She was then captured by a being named Botar, who subsequently imprisoned the Hordika within the Pit.

The Pit[]

She stayed her for several centuries until the Pit caved in and flooded resulting in both her freedom and her mutation being made worse by the mutagenic waters. Feeling unwanted anywhere else, Rejzu decided to stay in the ocean where she eventually fell under the sway of former dictator Alxor.

Recently, she was patrolling Alxor's territory with Relic when they came across a mysterious pair of beings named Tazahk and Mersery traversing through their territory. Deciding to capture them, Rejzu and Relic attacked the two and swiftly defeated them, knocking them both unconscious and taking them prisoner.

Abilities & Traits[]

Rejzu once believed herself to be beautiful and attractive, and took great pride in her looks, which caused her mutations to be all the more devastating to her. She now sees herself as a monster, and thus not worth of the role of a Toa hero and has been reduced to serving those that would defile what she once stood for. Despite this, she occasionally allows parts of her former heroic nature to come to the surface.

In addition to great strength and being amphibious, Rejzu has managed retain limited power over her element of Water, which she focuses through her Hordika Spike. She also possesses keen senses of hearing and smell.

Mask & Tools[]

What Kanohi and weapons Rejzu originally used are unknown. After her mutations she was equipped with a Hooked Hordika Spike, which allows her to focus her power of Water. Rejzu also possesses a Rhotuka Launcher that allows her to fire spinners capable of binding an opponent with energy chains.

She also utilizes a Squid Launcher and twin axes.