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Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror is a series created by KylerNuva on Youtube, and is served to play as a midquel to "The Brutal Mission", taking place roughly after the events of "Episode 7" and in between certain episodes. It tells the story about Toa Gennex battling the Brotherhood of Makuta and befriending a mysterious alliance that is investigating the knowledge of a secret organization that is planning to conquer the universe. KylerNuva noted that this series is being described as "The Untold Story of 'The Brutal Mission'", and is considered to be a build-up leading up to "War of Brutality".


  • Prologue
  • The Brave Heroes
  • Rahkshi Attack
  • Darkness Rising
  • Destiny and Doom
  • Challenging Opponent
  • Dark Conflicts
  • Eternal Struggle (in post-production)
  • Consequences of War (in post-production)
  • Invasion (Series Finale)


  • Gennex
  • Pelinu
  • Garkno
  • Cevka
  • Syva
  • Deccon
  • Eeaon
  • Wrekan
  • Kuzzat
  • Nirekx
  • Ozehk
  • Rehzohk
  • Neavehk
  • Grengak
  • Predahk
  • Irorahk
  • Kyzoron
  • Heltroz
  • "Unknown Leader"
  • Bulvot
  • Techor
  • Novton
  • Rombod
  • Jekkarg
  • Vorso
  • Asella
  • Untros
  • Witork
  • Irigan
  • Fenvar
  • Beckom
  • Order of Mata Nui Troopers
  • OoMN Rookie
  • Brotherhood Soldiers
  • Brotherhood Captain


  • Deccon and Eeaon were originally suppose to be much bigger stars in The Brutal Mission, but their roles in that series was scrapped, so KylerNuva decided to add them as more important characters in Reign of Terror. Although Eeaon's role in this series was suppose to last longer, Deccon's role will continue playing a significant part in the story. 
  • KylerNuva considers this series to be darker than The Brutal Mission, as this series takes on a slightly more realistic aspect and places much more compelling and emotional situations that the heroes will have to endure throughout the series.
  • Several characters KylerNuva have confirmed to soon appear in the series are as listed: Tyhla, Vatar, Fikorv, Dortan, Aquorvok, Rukrom, Dark Drones, Zpawcorz, Slavion Dragon, etc.
  • KylerNuva confirmed the "army" Techor and Kyzoron plan to unleash is an important factor in Tazzuk's "Master Plan", that will lead up to the events currently planned for War of Brutality.
  • This may be one of the last "large" series KylerNuva films. However, he may continue his storyline with creating "min-series".