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This article is about Person987's detailed fanon version of the character. You may be looking for the canon character.

Reidak is a Skakdi and was once a member of the Dark Hunters, but later betrayed them for the Piraka.

Piraka, Dark Hunters(formerly)
tracker, member of Piraka
Earth, Infared vision, adaptability
buzzsaw/drill, zamor launcher


Realm of Conquest[]

Part 1[]

Reidak was originally a Skakdi member of the Dark Hunters, until he and and the other Skakdi became fed up with Shadowed One's rule and revolted. Their Plan ultimately failed, so they deserted the Dark Hunters to form their own group-the Piraka.

Not long after their betrayal, they were ambushed by the Barraki. They tried to fight back, but were overwhelmed until Brutaka appeared and defeated all of their opponents singlehandedly. Zaktan allied with Brutaka and the Piraka soon returned to loot the Dark Hunter base. After they had taken their allotment, Reidak caused an earthquake to bring the base down.

Reidak played a major part in tracking down Vezon, but was unable to find him until the windowsill. After Zaktan and Brutaka managed to knock Vezon out of the window, Reidak tracked to where he would have landed, but the Piraka found no body. Vezon was still alive. They soon gathered evidence about the Mask of Life, where coincidentally, Reidak also tracked Vezon to its location. An all-out battle began and Reidak fought Lewa to a stalemate until the explosive brawl between Toa Mata Nui and Ultimate Dume knocked them both out.

Part 2[]

Reidak did not take place in the Tag-Team Tournament, neither did he participate in the hunt for the Golden Armor. However, he did assist his fellow Piraka in stopping Vezon's destructive rampage when he donned all seven pieces of armor.

In the final battle, he fought Cheberaks and held Vezok back so Zaktan could challenge Vezon.

Presitigious Invaders[]

Reidak watched the majority of the tournament battles, and was expelled from the house along with all of its usual inhabitants by the Imperial Army.

Personality and Traits[]

Reidak was smarter then he seemed, often pretending to simply want to destroy, but that was simply because he had no patience for strategy or plans. It was he that first suggested the Piraka "smash" Shadowed One.

Powers and Equipment[]

Reidak had control over the element of Earth, and also posessed Infrared vision that allowed him to see the heat patterns of other beings. He carried a Zamor launcher and a buzzsaw that could change into a drill when needed. He also had a unique power: The ability to adapt after any defeat and fight back. This made him a formidable opponent, but not on the level of Icarax or Brutaka.

Strength: 14
Agility: 10
Toughness: 16
Mind: 11


  • His name is consistenly misspelled "Rediak" due to several typographical errors.