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Reiax 1
Disciple of Vradok
Mutation Claw, Elemental Staff

Reiax was a powerful scientist and a member of the Disciples of Vradok.


104,000 years ago, Vradok had a need for someone to carry out experiments for him on Spherus Magna. So, he created Reiax.

Vradok set his new creation to work straight away, getting him to work on a way to create a new version of his Kiridonians - where Mata Nui had Toa, Vradok wanted something better. Sadly, none of the experiments worked. But instead of killing Reiax as punishment for failure, Vradok decided to allow Reiax to live, but as long as he worked for Vradok.

Years after Vradok was supposedly defeated and killed by an unknown being, Reiax and his partner Kreix started to rebuild everything their master had worked for. They even planned a way to bring Vradok back from the dead, but whether it is actually possible remains to be seen.

Abilities and Traits[]

Reiax has several powers:

  • Weather Control - Reiax can control the weather, and even generate climates inside buildings or natural structures.
  • Chain Lightning - Reiax can channel continuous blasts of lightning from his fingertips.
  • Empathy - Reiax can 'listen' to inanimate objects, and see what has happened to them in the past.
  • Telekenesis - Reiax can move objects using only his mind.

He also has powers connected to the element of electricity.

Mask and Tools[]

Reiax wears the Kanohi Keelahu, the Mask of Torture, and carries a Mutation Claw and an Elemental Staff. His Mutation Claw can mutate an organism, whilst his staff can channel his elemental powers.


  • The name Reiax is derived from the word 'reaction'.
  • In connection with his telekenetic powers, Reiax can use his Mutation Claw to perform acts of 'telekenetic transmutation', where he can mutate beings from vast distances.