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"Oh, it's all in a day's work."
Deathurax's Brotherhood of Makuta
Lieutenent (formerly), Regular
None (limited Shadow powers)
See Above
Kanohi Gedrasus (The Mask of Turning People Evil)
Shadow Sword (formerly), Shadow Daggers
The Outlands of Deatha Nui

Rehedra was a strange creature who looked like a fusion of a bug and a Rahi that walked on two legs. She later joined the Makuta.

Early life[]

Little is known about Rehedra's early life apart from the fact she was once a Vortixx.

Deatha Nui[]

When she joined the Makuta, she got a huge sword which could fire shadow energy at foes.

She was Makuta Deathurax's lieutenant but was demoted to regular after losing a battle.

The Shadow Fortress[]

She was wandering the Shadow Fortress when the Toa Heroes broke in, so she used her mask power to make them evil, however, later, Toa Saveor kicked her into a wall, knocking her out.

She was later seen being helped up by Deathurax as he teleported her, himself and Electroblade to The Outlands where she got her Shadow Daggers.

The Outlands[]

When the Toa Heroes attacked the Makuta, she was not one of the Makuta killed, however she was knocked out (again). When she awoke she saw Makuta Deathurax being banished to The Dark Void, and she cried out in anger, charging at Titoa Saveor. However, because of his immense power, he simply batted her to one side, then he drained her energy, leaving her weakened, but alive.

She was there for a long time, but not long enough to be transported to Spherus Magna, because while she was lying there, she saw a Death-Bringer coming. She did her her best to look dead but Death-Bringers can't be fooled easily. The Death-Bringer destroyed her utterly. Her last words were "Nooo!"


"It was me, Deathurax."
―Rehedra to Deathurax after being asked who turned the Toa evil.
"Wait! Don't attack me. You'll love the life of a Makuta. TRUST ME..."
―Rehedra to the Toa Heroes when she was turning them evil.
"I think I'll call you Makutoa. Yes that does very well."
―Rehedra naming the now-evil Toa


Rehedra was a very high-up ranking Vortixx, but she was a coward, when she was mutated into her current form, she tried to look as powerful as possible, without revealing she was actually quite a coward. She did very well with that, but, although there were no Toa there, she let slip her cowardice when she was about to die. She was also very scheming and cunning, as well as being very sadistic, as she showed when mercilessly killing three Robos.

Abilities and Traits[]

She did not have many abilities, but since she wore the Kanohi Gedrasus, she had the ability to turn people evil (she didn't realise that it could only turn three people evil at a time). She could also fire shadow energy out of her Shadow Sword and Shadow Daggers.


  • Bionicle- Shadows in Deatha Nui (non-canon)


  • She utilises Gorast's head.
  • On her back she has a carapace which is made from Stronius' body armour.
Deathurax's Brotherhood
Leaders: Deathurax (Bla234)(formerly)

Members: Rehedra(formerly), Electroblade(formerly)

Allies: The Makutoa(formerly)