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Sword, Thornax Launcher, stinger tail

Reesha is a young female Vorox and a member of Zecrek's pack.


One of the female Vorox of Zecrek's pack, Reesha was one the younger generations of the pack, who was still being trained as a hunter. Eventually, however, Reesha and her pack were attacked by Bone Hunters, resulting in her and the few members of her pack left being sold to the city of Roxtus. Luckily, the pack leader, Zecrek, soon managed to free her and the others, and lead them back to the wastelands where they could begin again.

Soon after, however, Reesha and another male Vorox were attacked by the Skrall Gatherer known as Jarzek. Despite desperate efforts to escape, the two were defeated, captured, and taken back to the fortress of Jarzek's master, Skirvex.

After being hurled in a cell, Reesha would spend roughly an entire year enduring torture and grueling physical and mental tests by Skirvex's warriors. Meanwhile, unknown to Reesha, Zecrek and his pack had begun efforts to recover her, which resulted in them making an alliance with the mutant Skrall named Verex and his companions, Ranzesk and Drex.

More recently, in the midst of a breakout attempted by some other prisoners, Reesha succeeded in breaking out of her cell, though was noticed by a Skrall guard who attempted to recapture her. She eventually reached the fortress' stables, where she encountered the Agori Ranzesk, Drex, Rojek, and Drukzen. Before the Skrall guard pursuing her could capture Reesha and the others, the Jungle Glatorian Vernax used his elemental powers of Air to knock the Skrall unconscious.

Ranzesk then spoke to Reesha, revealing himself to be allies with Zecrek, and promised to return her to him. After the others agreed to take her in, the group awaited Ignika Nui to return with Verex and Inzek. When he arrived with the two, Reesha and the others escaped Skirvex's fortress, and traveled to the Sanctuary. She would remain there until her mother and Zecrek arrived, at which point Verex and Inzek reunited Reesha with her pack.

Abilities and Traits[]

Despite her young age, Reesha has already proven herself to be a capable tracker and hunter. Despite this, she is not yet capable of taking on menaces such as Skrall and Bone Hunters on her own. She has also proven to be somewhat of an aggressive warrior, and is willing to put all her efforts into a hunt.


Prior to her capture, Reesha carried a crudely carved sword and a Thornax Launcher both of which were given to her by Zecrek. She has since reclaimed these tools.