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Rebel Log: World at War
Spherus Magna
Date Set
About one month after the beginning of the war
Rebel Log: The Darkness in Light

Rebel Log: World at War is the second part of the part of the Rebel Log series, which is part of both the Rebel Saga and the War Saga, as part of the Eternity Storyline. The story focuses on the beginning of the war between the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood and all of Spherus Magna.



The village of Tesara. Once a peaceful, lush paradise. Now it was no more than a hangout for the "lowlifes that dared to challenge the wrath of the Shadow Makuta." Though by now those dares were no more than dreams. And eventually, those dreams faded into forgotten thoughts, lost in the minds of whoever thought of them in the first place, left to dissipate in the thoughts of a better future that they thought the warriors in the army would bring.

A cloaked being walked through the streets of the Jungle Tribe village, grunting or saying, "Move," in a gruff, but barely audible tone when somebody walked into him, his crimson red eyes striking fear into those who passed him, but those who looked closely would see that they also showed he wanted salvation from the Makuta, and from the sins of his past. He didn't look like he was In a hurry, but he was still in Tesara for a reason.

The being approached a tavern, looking at the exterior of the location he had arrived at. He remembered walking into the structure with his friends, his teammates, and enjoying a drink before going off on their next mission.

The being with the cloak entered the tavern, taking in his surroundings. Inside, he saw mutant-like beings, bounty hunters, Skrall, Vorox, some Matoran and Agori, and plenty of Glatorian and Toa. Upon entering, everyone else stopped what they were doing, taking this time to look at the newcomer. Everything resumed once he started walking toward the bar at the back of the structure. He ordered a drink and sat down in a chair between two others.

"So what's your story?"

The cloaked being looked over to his left side and noticed a Skrall next to him, trying to look into the shadows of the robe which concealed his face.

"I said what's your story?" the Skrall replied.

The being in the cloak looked back down at the bar, pausing before saying, "My story is a very complicated story. It involves happiness, sorrow, mystery, history, and death. But it all begins with one very important factor.."

The Skrall looked at him with a puzzled look. "Which is?"

The being in the cloak paused again before removing his robe, revealing a jet black Elite Skrall helmet. "My Skovax. You Rock Tribe fools would know me as 'the Core War Traitor', that is, if you're on Tuma's side anymore."

"You have nothing to worry about. I'm on the side against him and the Shadow Makuta."

Skovax smiled. He knew he had found a friend.

"My goes somewhat like this..."

My life has been hard. Remember this. But my war story so far is something I don't like remembering that much. It's actually something I want to forget, but the burden is too heavy to lift right now. Anyway, it starts with when I first woke up after being captured as a war prisoner...

Skovax awakened in a moist, enclosed room. Surrounding him were damp bricks, shackles attached to his arms, and a bed on the wall.

Not exactly the best prison cell I've been in, but it'll manage.

A being then walked up to the cell, one Skovax recognized from the battle as Omnidax. He twirled his staff around in the air before sending it crashing down onto the floor.

"You know me, and I know you," Omnidax said, "so introductions aren't necessary. As you know, the rebels lost the battle, we've taken their fortress, and most of the rebels were captured. And you're one of the captured. As long as you're with the Shadow Makuta, remember this: respect my orders, carry them out, and you'll keep your head, Skovax. And as long as you follow the rest of our rules, we'll get along just fine."

"Why should I listen to you? You're not in charge of me" Skovax retorted.

Enraged, Omnidax instantly flew into the cell and held his sword up to Skovax's face.

"Don't do that again," he said. "I can and will kill you, whenever, wherever, and however I desire. Keep that in mind. It'll act as my way of backing up what I said before."

Skovax then unleashed one of his sonic screams, which knocked Omnidax into the back of the next cell across. Skovax then bit one of the shackles, and, pulling between his teeth and the shackled arm, broke free. He then ripped off the other one, grabbed two of the cell door bars, and rushed toward Omnidax.

Skovax stopped once Omnidax got up. Brushing the dust and debris off of him he said, "I knew you were good with escapes, but not that good. Karma must be on your side today."

"Karma had nothing to do with it!" Skovax yelled. "Now tell me where the rest of my team is!"

Omnidax could hear the cheers of the other prisoners as they rooted for Skovax, the only prisoner there who had successfully escaped his cell and lived for more than three seconds. Omnidax knew that if Skovax escaped, Metrados would kill him, but he couldn't battle somebody with experience and knowledge like Skovax. He could only do one thing:

Call for backup.

He then flew over a few feet away and activated the alarm. Almost instantly, six Toa, all enslaved, had teleported there. The other prisoners were silenced.

Skovax instantly ran at the Toa. Taken by surprise, they had no time to defend themselves as he shoved one the bars through one of the Toa's masks, which also went through his head. Skovax then removed the bar before he hit the ground and turned toward the others.

The Present...

Tuma was furious and confused at the same time. Not only had Skovax escaped and Zevrok failed, but he was also facing possible war against at least half his Skrall. In a desperate attempt to escape the impending war, he had allied with the Shadow Makuta, hoping that they would take care of the problems he couldn't. However, before he did this, half of the Skarll that felt this wasn't a good idea, Skrall that had once fully trusted, obeyed, and gave their lives for Tuma, left Roxtus and moved south, finding refuge in the other villages.

Now that Tuma was allied with the Shadow Makuta, those Skrall, along with the other forces, were coming to Roxtus to kill Tuma.

His Skrall had experience, power, and skill. But the other side had all that and one other thing: numbers. Metrados, however, had sent him a small, elite army of at least 1200 to aid Tuma. However, he didn't know if this would help at all.

And now he faced a choice: on one hand, he would be risking the extinction of the Skrall to aid the Shadow Makuta in winning the war. On the other, he would retreat to the north and escape before the war reached Roxtus, but lose his trust in the Shadow Makuta for letting the reinforcements possibly die upon arrival.

Tuma sat down on his throne to think about his choices. According to the remaining Skrall, the enemy forces had just passed the ruins of Atero, so he had three hours at the very least.

What...what do I do?

Toa Zetiak stood there on the cliff overlooking the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood base. This mission would mean his death if he made one mistake. Of course, he didn't know why the Order of Mata Nui had chosen him for this mission. But he did know that he had to or face Helryx, and that he would be getting backup.

Just as Zetiak laid down on a rock to rest a little, a voice came from behind him.

"I know you're lazy, but sleeping on the job? That's a new low, even for you."

Zetiak opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the voice. It came from Toa Luye, Toa of Water.

"Luye? Since when have you been on a mission?" Zetiak asked as he got up.

"Before I became your tour guide, a lot," she replied. "But in this case, now I'm your backup. I also was forced to bring some friends."

Behind Luye two more Toa appeared. One he knew as Toa Krakua. He had been on missions with him before, and both Toa were good friends. The other one was a complete shock to him.

Standing right in front of him was Toa Helryx, leader of the Order of Mata Nui.

"So what do we do now?" Zetiak asked, looking at Helryx.

"Who knows?" she replied. "You're the commander."

Zetiak stared at her in surprise. "What!?"

"You heard me."

The other three Toa looked at him as he stood there in confusion. He had no idea what to do, and the role of leadership had come upon him so suddenly. Plus, a four-person break-in would be more dangerous then it would be on his own, and he wasn't used to leading his own team.

Zetiak tried calming down. "Split up," he said. "We can meet up again on one side, and separated we won't be as noticeable." The others nodded and all four went around to separate sides of the fortress.

Zetiak slid down the hill, avoiding the notice of any of the guards, while Luye followed him from a distance. They then met the other two on another side, and quickly, but quietly, Zetiak used his magnetism powers to remove part of the metal and put it back after they sneaked in.

"Split up," Zetiak commanded. "We need this information. Remember, if you encounter a Makuta, you are to get out of there. Do not engage; this isn't an assassination mission." He then looked at each of them individually as he said, "Helryx, you search the libraries. Krakua, you'll take down some Rahkshi and Exo-Toa, then remove the Kraata and processors. We can scan these for possible information. Luye, you can search the upper levels, where the member's quarters are located. Something in there should give us something. I'll search the fortress for the main alarm systems and shut it down. Now move out!"

The others nodded and ran off. Zetiak then took off in his own direction.

My escape was one of many things I will always regret. Strange, yes, but I will explain that later in my story. Omnidax's Toa army was something I thought I'd never defeat. But the fight with the Toa was not my primary concern...

Skovax shoved his metal pipe through the head of the Toa of Water and threw her body at another Toa. Another one behind him tried to slash him, but Skovax parried with one of his pipes, resulting in it being sliced in half. Realizing that the other pole wouldn't last much longer, he dropped both and grabbed two of the dead Toa's swords. He then sliced one of the Toa's heads off in a swift movement.

3 down, who knows how many, considering Omnidax keeps pressing the button, to go.


Zetiak rushed through the fortress, surprised at how he hadn't noticed any guards yet. He passed through numerous hallways, rounded several corners, and entered many rooms, but he found nobody inside

Weird, he thought. I would have thought this place would be packed with Shadow Makuta slaves...

He passed around one other corner before noticing a room marked "control panel". Hacking the security pad on the wall beside him, Zetiak opened the door and inside he found numerous switches, levers, buttons, and screens. However, out of all of this technology, he only noticed one thing:

Everything was already turned off.

Something's definitely wrong here, he thought.

And then, after much thought and observation, his eyes widened as the reason suddenly came to him. He then ran out of the room as fast as he could.

I have to warn the others.

The only thing I wanted to do right now was kill Omnidax. His Toa were nothing compared to my skill, though not even that would help me with what was to come...

Skovax shot a round from one of the guns he stole from one of the Toa. The bullet went through the chest of a Toa of Fire, but the wound wasn't major enough to kill him. He then fired two more shots before the enslaved Toa was dead. Skovax then threw the gun away, realizing that it wouldn't help him that much, and took a shield from a Toa that was alive, which he instantly used to block a slash from a sword.

If only those swords weren't fake weapons, he thought. Of course, if I could get to Omnidax, I wouldn't have to worry about constantly killing fake Toa.

He knew these Toa were actually Antidermis, so he had no reason to feel guilt when they died. Of course, since the Toa were fake, so were the weapons, which was why Skovax knew he could only have a weapon if the Antidermis Toa was alive.

Skovax then charged through the Toa army standing before him using his shield, his target being Omnidax. Pretty soon, he had reached the last row of Toa, tossed his shield away, replaced it with a sword, and stabbed Omnidax's arm.

"You can't kill me," he said, raising his sword. "because I am more powerful than you."

It was after the events at the Makuta base that I would realize my mistake: I didn't know what the Makuta were planning. I knew Omnidax was tougher than me, and I never realized that he didn't want me dead. I was really just going to be a part of Metrados' plan...

Skovax then jumped back as he saw the numerous spines on the blade stretch out, trying to stab the Skrall. The shock from the sudden attack and the reality that it had happened nearly killed Skovax. He still felt the shock from the attack, but calmed himself seconds after the spines had retracted.

Omnidax pulled the sword out of his arm and the wound healed itself. "While I am not surprised that you have done that," he said while raising his staff, "I will say that not many have lived to even attempt the risk that you have pulled off. Of course, I'm not saying that I have killed all the enemies I have met, but you will soon be one of the ones that does." The claw-like objects on the staff then instantly retracted, and an orb of pure shadow energy began to form in the middle as the claws continued to retract.


And with that, the claws on the staff released the orb of energy Omnidax had formed, hurling a bolt of Shadow energy at Skovax. He tried blocking the bolt of energy, but it was of no use; the force of the shadow blast hurled Skovax to the ground, unconscious. Omnidax then walked up to his body, flung the unconscious form over his shoulders, and activated his power of teleportation.

Skovax found himself in a world of darkness. He saw nothing around him, and could hear nothing. The only thing that confirmed the fact that he wasn't dead was the slow, faint beating of his heart.

Then, his eyes snapped open.

Skovax took in the light and observed his surroundings. He saw himself strapped to a table and surrounding him were various beings he didn't recognize. They were all working computers of some sort. However, he instantly noticed on thing that seemed suspicious:

His table was suspended over a tank of some sort.

One of the beings looked in Skovax's direction for a second while turning toward another one of them, then looked back at Skovax in surprise.

"He's awake," he said.

"Great!" another one replied. "This just ruins the experiment entirely!"

Another one of them said, "Not yet...That Makuta gave us a plan in case this happened."

He nodded toward one of the other beings, who grabbed something off the table afterward and climbed up the tank to where Skovax was.

"Where am I!? Who are you!? How do you know Omnidax!?" Skovax yelled, thrashing about.

"Relax," the being, who Skovax confirmed was a female, said, "You'll get your answers. Now hold still, this will only sting a bit."

She then injected something into Skovax's arm, which caused him to growl and curse in pain. He then started falling into a state of unconsciousness, and the table was being lowered into the tank beneath him.

The last thing he heard before the tank shut was, "You truly are a fool."

And the world was once again black to Skovax.

Zetiak and Luye ran through the corridors of the fortress in a desperate attempt to escape the fortress. Zetiak had noticed that the main controls were wired so that the entire building would self-destruct upon entry. He found Luye in a room marked "Metrados", though she had found nothing useful inside, and Zetiak had to explain the entire situation to her.

As they rounded a corner, they found Helryx and Krakua, whom Zetiak told to follow them.

"What's going on!?" Helryx asked him.

"This entire place was built as a bomb, and we have to get out now!"

"So how long until this place is gone?"

"About two minutes."

"We'll never get out in time, and we don't even know how to get out!"

"Stop," Helryx said in a calm voice. The others turned around, having no clue what she was doing. However, she nodded to Luye, who activated her Kanohi.

Thirty seconds.

All they did was stand there, Zetiak surprised with what was going on. His instincts told him to run as fast as he could and hope he could escape the inevitable, but his heart told him to stay in place, knowing that Helryx had a plan that was currently in motion. And right now, his heart was stronger.

Ten seconds.

A smile formed on Helryx's face.

"Let the fireworks begin."

And then it happened. Zetiak's eyes were as wide as possible; an explosion wasn't something he would miss.

If anybody were near the fortress, they would see a gigantic half-sphere of energy that would decimate anything within a one hundred-yard radius. They would see the guards running for their lives, trying to escape, but being caught in the blast and ultimately disintegrated. They would see numerous chunks of the fortress fly outward, only to be consumed by the fiery sphere. And then they would see the sphere explode, releasing a massive mushroom cloud that would fly approximately five hundred feet into the air, the flames created by said explosion covering what little debris remained.

And then they would see four beings walking out of the explosion, unscathed, as if they had just phased right through it.


This plan was something that will prove Metrados is invincible. After this, he would go on to collect hundreds of souls, all ready to be used in case he "died." And it all started with me...

Makuta Metrados walked through his fortress and, typing in a code, he entered a chamber. Inside were several beings working on computers, writing down various information, and observing someone floating in a tank of liquid. He was unconscious, sitting there while being tested.

"Have the results arrived yet?" Metrados asked one of the beings.

"Yes, we have the results. They came in positive."

"Finally, the perfect test subject has arrived," Metrados replied. He then turned toward some of the beings working on a computer. "You three! Activate the machine!"

They did as they were told, pushing various buttons as fast as they could. And then some sort of machine fell from the roof of the chamber.

Skovax's eyes suddenly snapped open. The only thing he noticed was that he was in a tank of liquid, though he wasn't drowning. Everything outside the tank was too blurry, but he could make out several beings working various machines, a bigger, black one commanding everyone, and what looked like a giant machine directly in front of him. The glass around the tank made everything outside soundproof, so he couldn't hear any discussions.

None of this looks good, he thought.

The big black being walked up to the tank and pushed a few buttons. Skovax thought he was draining the tank or adjusting some settings, but instead, he heard the being outside saying, "Hello, Skovax. As you can see, I've enabled two-way communication, so I can hear your last words before my...experiment begins."

Skovax's eyes glowed a very dark red that shone all around the tank.


"Pleasant," the black-armored being replied. He then walked over to a chair sitting where the machine was and said, "Hopefully, you'll savor those words. For today, you are about to become me."

Skovax's eyes glowed an even darker red than before as he said, "WHO ARE YOU!?"

The being in front of him only uttered one word from his mouth in reply.


Upon hearing this, the Skrall started struggling to escape his tank. He banged on the walls, pushed on the lid, and even attempted to punch through the glass before he was shocked by the scientists.

"Now," Metrados continued, "if you'll look up, you'll see I've connected a crucial piece of this experiment to you."

Skovax looked up and saw a tube running from the machine into his back. He was confused at how he didn't notice that from the beginning, but he didn't have time to worry about that. Instead, he instantly turned back to Metrados.

The Makuta then said, "The rest will be a trial-and-error sequence, but we'll get it right eventually."

He then stared directly into Skovax's eyes and said, "Even if you have to die before we can."

Metrados turned toward the scientists.

"Begin the field test," he commanded. The beings at the computers did as they were told, pushing various buttons and pulling several levers before the machine finally did something. Skovax had much running through his mind, but his earliest thought was, What's going on here?

Skovax then felt a shocking feeling running through his body as he felt his very soul leaving his body. From the other side of the machine, Metrados felt the same painful shock, but it looked as though he was getting stronger.

Metrados screamed in absolute pain as a small, gleaming red object began to form on his chest armor. The object glowed brighter every second the machine was on.

Abruptly the machine turned off, and Skovax nearly fainted from his sudden weakness. Metrados, however, stood up from his chair, a sudden feeling of power coursing through his body as the glow from the object on his chest slowly stopped. After a while, the scientists drained the tube, and, as the liquid receded, Skovax could see the object clearly.

What had come into being was a gem, still faintly glowing on his chest before it stopped fully. Metrados grinned as Skovax grew even weaker, feeling like his life force was suddenly leaving him.

"What I've just done was drain part of your soul," Metrados told him, a wicked smile still sitting there beneath his mask. "To add to my own."

Skovax still sat there, confused and more fatigued than before.

Metrados then told him, "This experiment was transfer part of your life force into me, for my own survival. Eventually, I will be killed, so all I have to do is destroy the part of your mind trapped in this stone before my death, and I still live on in this shell."

Skovax looked angrily at the Makuta as his eyes instantly closed again and he slumped to the ground.

As Skovax once again woke up, he noticed his surroundings were completely different. He saw himself in the center of a desert, no civilization anywhere.

He sat there in the dunes, a sandstorm whipping all around him.

I have nothing now, He thought. No water...No food...and no friends...

It was true. I had nothing. Nobody was there for me. All the times I had completed my missions, I had my team beside me. My old team was a group I considered my best friends...and now, I didn't have them anymore.

Skovax then saw his found his eyes closing again, though, at that moment, someone was visible in the horizon. From that distance and with the sandstorm still going on, the being was completely unrecognizable, though Skovax saw a Toa-sized being running toward him.

As soon as the being reached him, he gave Skovax something. "Drink this," he said.

Skovax did what he insisted and drank the water he tasted from inside the pouch-like object. Skovax, feeling some more strength inside him, got up and saw the being's face. He didn't recognize him, though he noticed his black, silver, and red armor and the blade on his wrist armor.

"I'll be willing to take you back to my village," he said. "However, the Turaga may not be so sure about letting you stay."

"I'll take my chances," Skovax said, following the person.

Wandering through the jungle of Bota Magna was former Glatorian Ackar. Banished by his tribe for a crime he didn't commit, he was reduced to wandering the wastelands barely anything to survive. However, since his arrival here, he had made alliances with the Bota Magna Vorox, allowing him to live in their city.

Ackar, however, was wandering toward lower Bota Magna. He was heading back for the area once called Bara Magna. Following him were six Vorox.

Eventually, Ackar saw a dirt road leading toward the lower ends of the planet.

"We've reached the edge of the forest," Ackar told them. "I can head the rest of the way myself."

The lead Vorox nodded and walked back toward the city with the other five. Ackar then walked down the road.

Vulcanus, he thought. I'll get back to you. I'll tell them. I'll tell them everything.


Following his new companion through the desert, Skovax was wondering where they could possibly be going, and if he had lost it and they were going around in circles.

Of course, he also thought this could be some plot to kill him created by the Shadow Makuta. Perhaps he would leave him to die in this wasteland. Perhaps he would sneak around and decapitate him. Perhaps he would shove him in a pit of quicksand up ahead, if there really was one.

But Skovax went with the benefit of the doubt and still continued to follow him.

About half an hour later, the red, black, and silver-armored being stopped. He stuck his arm out at Skovax as he reached the person.

"We're here," he said.

Skovax looked around. All he saw was the same deathtrap of sand he had been wandering around in for the past hour. Skovax then pulled out his blades, jumped back, and stood in a battle stance.

"What are you doing?" the being asked Skovax.

"You are going to kill me!" Skovax shouted.

His partner turned tilted his head in confusion. "Huh?"

"Of course we're in the middle of nowhere!" Skovax replied. "Your plan is to leave me here while you kill me or I slowly die out here on my own!"

The red person started laughing. Skovax could only stand there, confused, as the person that guided him here laughed. He then said, "You have misunderstood. I didn't stop here to kill you. I stopped because we're here."

He then pointed ahead, and Skovax saw a small village off in the horizon. He had noticed it before, but dismissed it as a mirage.

"Let's go."

This being was someone I didn't trust at first. He was someone I never expected to be considered my new best friend, and I wasn't about to do something to ruin that. Not after all we would go through...

Zetiak emerged from the smoke with his team, leaving the burning, destroyed Shadow Makuta fortress behind. Behind him were Helryx, Krakua, and Luye. It was because of the Kanohi Kaukau she wore that saved their lives. However, Zetiak was still confused about how a Kaukau had saved them and asked Luye on their way back.

"This mask," she began, "was originally the Mask of Water Breathing. However, the order messed with it for a while and, eventually, it was loaded with eight Kanohi powers. The powers of the Masks of Fate, Sonar, Sheilding, Concealment, Illusion, Emulation, Truth, and, of course, Water Breathing were all infused into my Kanohi mask."

After hearing all that, Zetiak kept walking along, wondering if her mask had any more powers.

As Skovax and his ally entered the village, many people were standing there, observing them walking by. From what Skovax could hear, they were wondering what the red-armored being was doing with a "Skrall-like person."

Eventually, Skovax was halted outside a larger hut. The tri-colored being walked inside the hut, leaving Skovax to wait outside.

Eventually, Skovax was told to come inside. He entered the hut, and inside he saw about three others, one of them being Skovax's guide, all of them around a stone throne with a Turaga seated on it.

"So you're the being Draxo was telling me about."

Skovax could easily tell that the being he had just referred to as "Draxo" was the armored being who had guided him here. However, he still just stood there. He didn't know what to say.

"Don't worry," the Turaga said. "You can stay here as long as you like, Skovax."

The Sand Dwellers were some of the kindest people I had ever known. Their leader, Daxan, was wise, kind, and powerful. He was someone I could always trust...

"What happened after that?"

No reply.

"He's out again."

"Let's give him some 'motivation'."

Skovax felt intense pain as he was electrocuted by the chair he sat in. As he looked up, he saw three silhouettes watching him, interrogating him. For the last few hours.

In an obviously electronically altered voice, one of the beings said, "Skovax, what happened next?"

Skovax grinned and said, "Pay close attention here. Or else you won't get the full mental picture."

You know the Shadow Makuta conquered the rebels' main base weeks ago, destroying the rebels. But there were still a few loose ends that needed to be tied up...

From any end of Tajun, one could see the massive Shadow Makuta invasion heading for the Water Tribe village.

Agori and Matoran everywhere were evacuating the city, while Toa, Glatorian, and other faithful warriors were gearing up for the impending battle.

One warrior in particular stood near the village entrance, facing the army. This warrior was "The Shadow Being", the once-proud former leader of the Spherus Magna Rebels. Standing next to this powerful warrior of "The Shadowed One's" species was Medran, one of his more powerful servants.

I stood there, in the front of the small army gathered for the fight for Tajun. The only things I saw were the army, closing in on the water village, and Medran. This was the first time I had seen my friend since the start of the war. Of course, I didn't have the time to reminisce about the good times with old friends. I had a war to fight.

Instantly, "The Shadow Being" charged forward, Medran close behind. The rest of the Tajun force followed in swift pursuit.

And, all at once, the armies met. Swords were clashing and bullets flew as each of the forces fought for the future of the village.

Skovax stood in a battle stance, ready to take down the Zyglak facing him. Off in the distance, he could see Medran and "The Shadow Being" taking down numerous Shadow Makuta antidermis slaves in seconds. As the Zyglak's claws met Skovax's swords, he saw Medran slice down a gigantic warrior he learned later was a Shadow Makuta Brutal rank soldier.

I've never seen anything so fast in my life. My former leader and friend were taking down the bulk of the army in mere seconds. Faster, stronger, smarter than before. I didn't know what had happened to him, but he definitely wasn't the Medran I knew him as.

Pulling out a warhammer, "The Shadow Being" smashed the heavy, blunt weapon straight through the helmet and into the skull of a Leader Class Skrall. Three Skakdi then jumped up from all sides, hoping they could pull off a triangle attack. All they did was meet the same fate as the Skrall as "The Shadow Being" spun around, his warhammer battering the Skakdi and several others around him.

Medran leaped and stabbed a Zyglak in the head, then bounced off the falling dead body and sliced an antidermis slave clear in half. The creature fell as two halves, then dissipated into particles of the green-black substance.

I couldn't keep up. Before I knew it, three more Makuta slaves fell dead before I finally saw a Zyglak head land about ten feet away from the body. All I knew was that, over the course of this war, Medran had changed. I later learned that he had trained with my leader, but I didn't think he would become that powerful. In fact, I would think he became stronger if I didn't know any better. I didn't have time to think, thought. As I said earlier, I had a war to fight.


While Skovax told his stories, the interrogators sat in their booth in front of Skovax, evaluating his story as he told it.

One of them nodded yes most of the time, but some of them also came out as a "no".

"...and then there were the three of us, surrounded, back-to-back," Skovax continued. "Medran was the first to strike, mowing down about half the enemies while he plowed through the army to the other side. We followed, hoping to regroup with the rest of the surviving army and..."

"He hasn't told us a thing worth mentioning."

Skovax felt himself being shocked intensely after the interrogator said, "What you have been telling us is useless!"

Skovax growled and said, "I don't know what you mean."

"Turaga Daxan, the mission he gave you! The Sand Dwellers, I need their location! The Hero's Tomb, where is it!? Your destiny, what did you see!? Tell us!"

"The only things I can't tell about are the Sand Dwellers and my destiny, but I can tell the rest."

As you know, Turaga Daxan, the leader of the Sand Dwellers, gave me a mission with Draxo, my new friend, just minutes after I met him. The mission, however, was the only reason I was fighting for Tajun...The only reason I was able to meet Medran for the first time in weeks...

Skovax rode his Sand Stalker through the Verbrak Desert, Draxo traveling beside him. The mission Turaga Daxan had assigned him was a tough one. In fact, he hadn't even done anything this risky in his life.

His mission was to get to Destrak Nui, the location formerly known as the Valley of the Maze, recover information from the Shadow Makuta, learn about their war tactics, learn where their armies were heading for, and deliver this info to the villages so preparations could be made.

One thing Skovax wasn't so comfortable about was delivering the information. As a member of the rebels, he had been betraying the villages behind their back, giving information to the rebels so they would one day take over.

And now he decided it was the time for redemption.

Eventually, Skovax stopped. Draxo also stopped, wondering what Skovax was doing. He often got to witness a few Glatorian or Agori go insane in the desert, but he thought Skovax was one of the stronger ones.

"Do you feel that?" he asked Draxo.

"feel what?"

"Vibrations," answered Skovax. "Right in front of us. It's a Skopio. But the vibrations tell me there's more than one. We'll need to take another route if we want to get through."

"Daxan never told us there were Skopio out here," Draxo said. "But if it's down the shorter path he gave us, we can go through them."

"Or move around them and get back on path later."

Draxo knew Skovax was right. The Skrall had more experience, skill, and wisdom than he did. Draxo also knew that Daxan would want him to make the wise choice instead of following instincts.

"We go around," he finally said. They then took a route going through a canyon, eventually getting back on the other path. Destrak Nui was still thousands of bio away, however, and it would take days just to get to Matrux Nui.

But the duo noticed something up ahead that could possibly help them.

Wreckage. Vehicle wreckage.

"If we had some tools and stuff, we could create something out of these," Skovax said. "Or we could at least fix up a Thornatus and get to Matrux Nui in hours."

"Don't worry. I've got this."

Skovax turned around to see Draxo, his helmet glowing weirdly. However, in front of him, he saw two of the wrecked vehicles instantly form one.

Skovax sat there in shock. He knew that what had happened was caused by a Kanohi power, but he didn't know how Draxo had been able to use one. Skovax had been told Draxo wasn't a Toa, and Glatorian can't use Kanohi, but there was still nothing to go on.

"Get in," Draxo said. Skovax did as he was told, while his companion got in the driver's seat.

"I'll name it...the Dezron V5!" Draxo then turned toward Skovax. "Dezron is an old word meaning 'Hybrid'. I thought it would be appropriate, since I made it out of two scrapped vehicles."

And with that, they took off in the newly created Dezron.

One thing I didn't know until after the mission, however, was that Turaga Daxan knew all about what would happen to us during our mission together...

Turaga Daxan sat at his throne in the tent sitting in the center of the village he and the Sand Dwellers created, thinking about Draxo and Skovax.

"It's only a matter of time before they figure it out, Argon" Daxan said.

The being next to him, a small Ta-Matoran he just called Argon, responded, "What?"

"Skovax," Daxan replied. "His destiny is a rough one. It will involve much strife, turmoil, and death. But in the end,..."

Daxan smiled. "He will realize it will all be worth it. The opportunity to discover his destiny has been revealed to him, and whether he wishes to learn will be up to him." He then jumped off the throne and, taking his staff and launcher in hand, advanced toward the entrance of the tent.

"Come, Argon. We have much to prepare for."

As various Matoran slaves worked at computers, Metrados walked into the room, only he was very angry. Not only had he learned that Skovax wasn't dead, but he was also mad when he discovered that over a thousand elite Shadow Makuta soldiers had been killed by war rebels in an empty Roxtus. The rebels had made their way into the inner tunnels of Roxtus, only to discover nobody was there.

"Status report," He ordered.

A Matoran turned away from the computer to look at Metrados and say, "After several hours we've, successfully discovered Tuma's location. He is hiding on the Matus Isles, about a fifty mio away from here"

"Excelent. Send a strike team to kill him right away."

"And what of the Dark Hunters?" he asked. "You haven't said anything about them since this war began."

"The Hunters have betrayed my trust. The Shadowed One promised me his assistance, and instead he cowered behind the safety of a drone, thinking he could escape the inevitable war. I shall deal with him later. For now, we need to focus on our current goals. Has the Order agreed to our terms of surrender yet?"

"We have heard nothing from the Order since their mission to one of our fake bases," The Matoran answered.

"I'll take that as a no," Metrados said in a deep, angered voice. "Send Destroy to handle them."

The Makuta turned and left the room, then advanced down the hallways of the volcano base, eventually arriving at a chamber below the surface of the island minutes later. He opened the doorway and entered the large room. Inside were numerous carcasses and one living being chained to the wall in the back of the room.

"Have you decided to capitulate yet, Glatorian?" he asked the being as he walked toward him.

"I'll tell you nothing!" The Glatorian replied.

"Entak, you cannot keep this up forever," Metrados said, his powerful body now standing in front of him. "Eventually, you will have to surrender and tell us what we wish to know."

"I will not betray my people," Entak replied.

"Very well," Metrados said. "Hopefully you will enjoy death."

"It'll be better than sitting here," He muttered.

Metrados spun around, the rage enveloping his eyes in a dark red shade as he swiftly charged forward and shoved his staff at Entak's neck.

"I could have you executed right now and your body thrown in the Tarakava pits," Metrados said, the rage also deepening his voice. "I could also throw you into a chamber of blue fire, your body eventually being burnt to death over the period of a thousand years. Or I could chose from hundreds of other possibilities," He then retreated his staff and walked away. "but for now, I will let you live. Just remember what I have told you." And as he shut the door, he finished by saying, "And the fear I can create."

In a chamber far below the surface of Spherus Magna, a Turaga-like being wandered through a gigantic chamber, adding to the various markings that covered the massive walls, and looking at what was already there. His eyes, normally expressionless due to his job, widened as he looked at an older piece of information.

He knew that what he was looking at hadn't been there before. However, he knew nobody had know the location of this chamber for over 200,000 years, so he had only one explanation:

For the millenia he had been down in the chamber, recording history, he had missed that piece of information.


As I walked through the streets of Matrux Nui, I couldn't help but stare in awe at every corner of the city of many mysteries. Eventually, I remembered why we were here, and we got through. However, the trip across the sea would be rough, and I didn't expect us to be alone...

Skovax sat in his quarters on the boat as he thought about what they were to do once they got to Destrak Nui. They had about three days until they got there, giving them plenty of time to plan.

If we could barely catch a Makuta Fish, thought Skovax, then I don't know what we can do about Makuta.

Suddenly, Skovax heard a noise. To Skovax, it sounded like it came from the deck below. As he wandered down there, he thought, Maybe it's Makuta. Maybe it's a Dark Hunter. I've also heard rumors of a faction that serves Mata Nui; maybe they want me dead. If they exist, that is.

He soon reached the lower deck and opened a door on the boat. Walking into what he believed was a storage room, he looked around in the dark. It was still daytime, but no light reached that part of the ship. A perfect hiding place.

Skovax thought he heard something moving around, but he couldn't see anything. He used a sonic scream, hoping for an echolocation-type effect, but it did no use. He tried it twice more before finding a moving target.

"I've got him."

Skovax leaped into the air, eventually landing on something. It's arms were smaller than it's legs, it's face completely vulnerable, and it wore armor on it's torso. However, Skovax felt something hit him, knocking him away from whatever he had found, and instantly deduced that this creature had a tail.

Activating a night vision function built into his helmet, which he received after becoming an elite-rank rebel, he saw what was attacking him. The creature was a scorpion-like being, both arms looking different and two gun weapons in hand, and it looked like it had no feet. He also saw this creature had two stinger-like objects built into it's tail.

He was able to activate the goggles right as the being bent on all fours, it's guns acting as part of it's front legs, and jumped on Skovax. The Skrall was able to knock the thing off of him, and it attacked by shooting two globs of an acid-like substance out of it's tail. Skovax was able to deflect them, but the creature stood up on two legs again, slamming it's tail on the ground.

Draxo then rushed into the room, hearing the noise from above, and jumped in front of Skovax, deflecting more shots from the creature. As he landed on the ground, he asked, "Jagagilos, what are you doing here?"

The creature responded, in a primitive style, "I told by Daxan to follow you to island. Jagagilos obey orders. Now I help you on mission, since you find me."

Skovax looked at Draxo with even more confusion.

Draxo said, "Daxan can tell you about it later. Our priority right now is to get to this island." He then left the large room to go to his room on the upper deck.

The Sand Dwellers are an...interesting people, and also very loyal and trustworthy. It was then that I saw how they followed Daxan so loyally: He accepted them, accepted me, despite my differences, my affiliations, my past. He would be a great ally. And a great friend.

"A new mission!?"

"Yes," Helryx said to Zetiak. "Our sources have indicated that the Shadow Makuta plan to conquer the Bara Magna villages Tajun, Vulcanus, Roxtus, Iconox, Tesara, and New Atero. Roxtus was once a part of the Shadow Makuta's territory via an alliance between Tuma and Metrados, but the city was conquered, Tuma was gone, and Shadow Makuta reinforcements were killed, breaking their agreement. You'll be assigned the old Atero region. If we lose that, the Shadow Makuta will have the perfect area to set up a base, allowing them to conquer the other villages with ease. Other warriors are already at the Atero region, already knowing the risks of such a thing. If you lose old Atero, head for New Atero. We can't afford to lose it, not after we just set up another base there. The Makuta have tried this five times already, but now the village forces are dwindling. We have rumors that former leader of the Spherus Magna Rebels, codenamed The Shadow Being, was at Tajun during the fourth raid. If you find him, make your mission to pursue and capture him; he may be of importance to us in the future."

Zetiak nodded.

"Good. Now head off; if you leave now, you can get there two days before the invasions." And as he left, Helryx said, "Wait."

"Yes, commander?" He asked.

"Just to let you know, she'll be outside waiting for you."

Zetiak sat there in confusion, then nodded and turned to leave, aware of the risks of this mission. However, after leaving, he saw Luye standing near the replacement the Order hired for Botar, a member that took criminals to the pit, but was killed in action by Icarax.

"Luye!" Zetiak shouted.

Luye turned her head toward him, then said something the member of Botar's species and walked toward him. "Yes?" she asked.

"You're coming with me to Atero."

Luye stared at him in shock. "Why!?" she asked. "I was already assigned my own mission!"

"You were supposed to wait for somebody, right?"

"Yes, but..." Luye then looked off in the distance to see their leader walking out of the briefing chamber. She winked at Luye, then walked off. "Alright, let's go," she said.

Metrados walked down the stairwell leading to the lower corridors. He entered a code at the bottom and a large door swung open, revealing numerous Shadow Makuta soldiers running between rooms. Each one was running toward a random chamber, each one containing thousands of prisoners inside cells, yelling as loud as possible.

Using his power scream Rahkshi power, Metrados growled as loud as he could, and all the soldiers stood inside the entrance to a room. Each of the prisoners stood there, silent, if Metrados didn't know any better dead. He then walked down the hallway, eventually reaching a turn, just beyond that a door. Metrados entered another passcode into a panel beside the door, and the second doorway slid open. He walked down another set of stairs into an underground hallway. The ceilings, walls, and entrances were only rock, with some lightstones sticking out of the walls. This part of the fortress was nearly empty; almost no Shadow Makuta soldiers in sight. The Makuta then entered a chamber near the middle. Inside were a helmetless Glatorian, weapons lying on the wall.

The Glatorian looked up and saw Metrados, then growled. Metrados walked up to him and said, "Entak, I'm giving you one more chance. Don't defy me, or I will make you pay."

Entak replied, "You don't scare me, Makuta! You and your kind couldn't possibly do anything to rid me of my spirit! My will to fight!"

"We'll see."

Metrados then gestured toward the door, where Entak saw Omnidax enter the room, carrying two weapons. "One of these," Metrados began, "is the Spear of Fusion, a weapon which has the ability to fuse any two things, living or not. The other one is a Toa Firespear, a Toa Tool."

Omnidax then walked toward Entak and handed him the firespear.

"The rest is straightforward from here."

Entak's eyes widened as he saw a blinding flash from the Spear of Fusion, then blacked out.

Minutes later, Entak awakened. He noticed nothing had changed since Metrados and Omnidax had entered, but when he looked down, he saw his left arm: half of it had become a blade.

"You're a lucky one," Metrados said, his voice filled with anger. "Every other time we've done this, the beings have fused into this spear, turning them into an inanimate object. Somehow, the spear fused with your body, turning part of your arm into the weapon's blade."

Metrados then smiled and signaled for Omnidax to leave the room. As both Makuta were leaving, Metrados stopped and said, "We'll be back for you later." He then continued into the hallway.

"We'll see," Entak muttered, using his new weapon to cut away at his other arm's chain.

Tuma wandered along the coast of Takea Island, one of the uncharted lands off the coast of Matus Nui. As he went around toward his fortress, he started to think about how leaving Roxtus when reinforcements were coming wasn't a good idea.

Metrados has probably sent a team to kill me by now. I'll have to stay prepared while I'm still alive. My lack of forces, however, leaves me at a disadvantage. However, moving probably isn't the best idea either; the Makuta are most likely tracking my movements and will give the strike team the best possible way to intercept. I'm basically trapped on this island.

As he made his return to his fortress, an Elite Skrall ran into him. "Sir, you've got an incoming message on line one," he said.

As soon as Tuma heard this, he started moving faster, eventually reaching the fortress. He then walked down the many hallways, passing around numerous corners before reaching a door marked "central communications." As soon as he entered, he yelled, "Put the message through. I think I know who it is."

As soon as he said this, the Skrall worked the controls and the head of "Lazor", a Shadow Makuta servant, appeared on the large screen.

"So, it's one of Metrados' servants," Tuma said. "I would have expected your master, but you'll do, I guess."

"Lazor" replied, "This is no time for jokes. I'm here as Metrados' ambassador to tell you that we have indeed sent a strike team to kill you. I was also told to say that, if you surrender peacefully and let us take you as a prisoner, you'll be allowed to live, and we'll order the squad to capture you alive."

"I will never surrender to you, Makuta scum!" Tuma growled.

"Very well then. Expect the strike team in the next few hours," "Lazor" said. He then walked off and communications were shut off.

"Ready the forces," Tuma demanded. "These are Omega-level Shadow Makuta soldiers they've sent, and I'm not going down without a fair fight."


Walking up a rocky path to a rather large fortress were a small team of Shadow Makuta soldiers, about four Omega-level soldiers, all covered head to foot in black by blending in with the night sky. The four were equipped with camouflage Rahkshi powers to blend into their surroundings, and each one was wearing a constantly activated Kanohi Volitak, the Great Mask of Stealth, which allowed it's user to sneak by almost anything.

As they went up to the fortress they ducked into the bushes to keep from being seen by a troop of Skrall. One of them, an Elite Skrall, thought he saw four pairs of glowing eyes, though he ignored this and kept moving. The strike team jumped out of the bushes and advanced toward the fortress.

As soon as they reached the entrance, they sat there for a few moments until a team of Skrall came back. They opened the door, and the Makuta servants sneaked inside, their bodies suddenly blending with the walls of the fortress. The team proceeded down the many corridors of the fortress, sneaking past the numerous Skrall with ease, their footsteps inaudible because of the Kanohi they wore.

Their advance stopped as soon as they reached the communications room. Knowing Tuma was inside, most likely prepared for their arrival and knowing they would be there, the team deactivated their Kanohi and camouflage powers. One of them raised a hand and the door instantly fell open, revealing a large group of Skrall, armed with the usual clubs, swords, and shields.

A familiar voice filled the room. "So, they sent Toa. Didn't expect that; Toa usually aren't killers," the voice said.

The four Toa looked at one of the screens in the circular room and saw Tuma's face appear on it.

"Why so silent?" Tuma asked. "I would have expected at least a growl or something by now. Though I guess we can live without some things. Skrall, attack!"

Tuma instantly disappeared off the screen and some of the Skrall charged toward the Toa, following the orders of their leader.

The Toa pulled out their various weapons, ready to take down the large group of Skrall gathered. However, they started down the hallway again, hoping to find Tuma in a different room. They didn't have time to check every single room, but they had an idea of where he would be.

As they ran down the corridor, they noticed another group of Skrall gathered in the main hall. As they stopped, the four turned to face the Skrall. Now back to back, the strike team charged forward to combat the Skrall advancing toward them.

Although I had been worrying about this mission for the past few days, I had also been worrying about other things, mostly my past life. My past friends...

The waves of the sea splashed off the bow of the boat, some drops barely reaching Skovax, who was overlooking the ocean. He could see nothing but a small island off in the horizon, approaching slowly.

Almost there, Skvox thought. Almost there...

Draxo walked out onto the deck of the ship, noticing Skovax was already standing there, non-moving, silent, undisturbed by anything.

As he approached, he heard the Skrall say, "I couldn't sleep." Draxo continued to advance, reaching Skovax in seconds. "So what's on your mind?" Draxo asked.

"I haven't seen them since this war began," Skovax said. "It's a large planet, I know. But I should have at least seen one of them by now. My friends...I'm actually starting to think they've been captured. Or worse, killed."

Draxo turned toward him and said, "Turaga Daxan always tells me to never lose hope, no matter what the circumstances. Even when all hope seems lost, you should never give in to despair. As long as you still have the memories of them, you can't give up hope. Not yet. Not ever."

Skovax looked downward. He didn't say anything; he was in thought. Thinking about the missions he had had with them, about the beginning of the war, about how they had been forced to split up. Skovax had never been one to believe in hope that much, but now he felt it was more important that he did.

"We'll be arriving soon," Skovax said to Draxo. "Make sure you're prepared."

"And you?"

Skovax whipped out two blades, but put his arms back at his side. He still stood there, almost solid as a statue. Almost emotionless. But he turned his head toward Draxo, a smile on his face behind his helmet.

"I always come prepared."

As Metrados walked toward the entrance to his fortress, followed by "Roxos", "Lazor", and Shodan, he stopped at the entrance to the armory, signaling for his servants to remain outside. The door slid open, and the Shadow Makuta leader entered.

Metrados walked to the back of the long but small equipment room, opening another door to his personal armory. As he walked into the second room, he took no notice of all the trophies mounted in this area. Staffs, swords, guns, and various other things sat on the walls as he advanced toward the back of the room.

Eventually approaching the rear, he saw a fireplace with a large, perfect-looking sword mounted above it. He grabbed the blade off his wall, observing it closely, slashing with it a few times to get used to the weapon he held. It was heavy, but Metrados could hold it in his one hand. The many carvings on the blades and the it's design itself made it look like it had been carved to perfection.

From what Metrados had learned, Artakha himself had forged this weapon long ago. The sword had been created as an act of peace toward the universe, it's carvings showing that the many cultures of the Matoran universe could cooperate, based off of the Mask of Creation. The blade was then placed in Karda Nui, where it remained in the Codrex for many years. Metrados knew it had been placed somewhere else before, but it had been removed by the ruler himself when the Barraki began conquering the Matoran Universe.

However, Metrados had found it while searching for signs of Antroz's DNA, somehow finding a way to enter the Codrex, and searching for the weapon.

And now he was about to take it out into battle.

"It's a pity that a being will be ended by a weapon created as a peace pact," Metrados said, holding the blade up at his mask level. "But what's done is done. Skovax will be killed, and my destiny will be achieved."

One thing that constantly stings my heart, however, is the nightmares I get every so often. This is one of those nightmares I had during the war, and it certainly wasn't the last...

Skovax's eyes suddenly snapped open, seeing himself in a black void. In front of him was a pair of dark red, glowing eyes. The eyes stared into his very soul, seeing every good and bad part of him. His determination, fear, happiness, sorrow, and other feelings were practically laid out in front of this being.

Skovax heard a voice in his head, whispering his name. Skovax, it said.

He stood in fear for a second as he heard the voice in his mind. It was beautiful, but frightening, with an heir of wisdom, brutality, and fear.

He then straightened up as he said, "What do you want?"

The being in front of him still didn't actually speak. The voice, though, once again rang in Skovax's mind, in his heart, in his soul, as it whispered, Skovax. Why do you fear me?

"I don't fear you!" Skovax shouted.

Oh, but you do. Don't deny it; I can see into your heart. To me, and my brother, this ability comes naturally. But I can see your soul; you do fear me, you're just think you're too courageous to admit it. But we'll get rid of that soon enough.

The gigantic pair of red eyes suddenly went down to Skovax's level, and a shadowy form appeared in front of him. The being then started talking, though Skovax couldn't see a mouth, saying, "Skovax, you don't seem very comfortable. Just calm down,"

Skovax could then see a smile form on the being's face as he crept up to Skovax and say, "This won't hurt a bit."

He then started to enter Skovax's body, and the Skrall's eyes turned a darker, shadowy red as a smile formed on his face.

Skovax looked out onto the sea, still in thought. Somehow, he had been having nightmares since the beginning of the war for some reason, the same reason he had had one just now. Was someone trying to torture him? Was it a side effect from the experiment? Or was it something else entirely?

My destiny was upon me. I hadn't realized this during my mission, but one being certainly did. And he wasn't hesitant in doing something to either make it happen, or prevent it from happen...

A Turaga-like being rushed out of the cavern he was sitting in and ran toward a secondary chamber. This chamber contained six statue structures, each one variously sized with various poses. However, he walked toward one particular statue, one standing in a battle pose, holding a what appeared to be a sword and a blaster. The being knew the statue hadn't eroded since it's creation, and, as it stood there, the Turaga thought the same thing he would say at this time,

"Salvation will arrive."


Luye and Zetiak rushed through the lush jungle, eventually arriving to a patch of desert. Mata Nui had healed the planet, but some small patches of desert remained. This one happened to be the largest on the mainland, named Bara Magna, Agori for "Great Barren.", after the former home of the Glatorian and Agori before the new Spherus Magna.

Eventually arriving at old Atero, the sand waterfall flowing as great as it used to, the Toa entered the ruins of the village, seeing plenty of beings, knowing what would happen if the land fell to the Makuta, ready to risk their lives for the cause of defending this village and the planet. The city didn't look as ruined as it used to; in fact, it looked almost repaired, though plenty of buildings that were still almost destroyed proved otherwise.

"Zetiak, Luye. Helryx told me you would be coming."

Both Toa whirled around to see a massive warrior, carrying an axe to complement his size, standing behind them.

"Axonn," Luye said. "I didn't know you were stationed here."

"I came here as soon as I realized the importance of this once nice village. If the Makuta conquered this place, it would give them an edge over us. Come with me."

The two Toa then followed their massive superior through the city until they arrived at a gibantic, still ruined structure. The Toa could see numerous beings working as fast as they could to repair and fortify this structure.

"This large complex was once Arena Magna," Axonn explained. "However, the Order and several others have been working to repair it. We've also got other agents working to repair and fortify the rest of the city. We should have Atero up and running as a city again by next year. If the Makuta don't take over, that is."

A large door opened up in front of them. Both Toa assumed this was the structure's main entrance.

"Guests first."

The two Toa accepted the invitation and entered the massive complex.

A lone being approached the city of Tesara. Covered by a black cloak and his face hiden in the shadows of the hood, he was unrecognizable by anybody.

He jumped onto one of the trees to avoid being seen by the Tesara guard and jumped down once he was on the other side of the tree. He then continued to walk down the streets.

"It's almost time," he said.

This mission was the most important tasks I've ever had to do. Not only would this be crucial to winning the war, but it would also give me a chance to redeem myself. However, this was only step one; step two will be a lot more difficult...

Skovax and Draxo ran down the halls of the Destrak Nui fortress. They had avoided and taken down guards, and they hadn't spotted any Makuta.

So far soo good, Skovax thought. Though I doubt Metrados or Omnidax won't show up.

As the two ran down the corridors, checking each room as they passed, Draxo saw a door marked, "Mission Briefing."

"This may be the room," Draxo said.

Draxo opened the door and the two ran around the chamber, looking for something that would help them. Skovax searched the room, reading through scroll after scroll, until finally coming across a scroll containing the plans for the invasions.

And then a blade was shoved at Skovax's neck.

"Skovax. Long time, no see."

"So you must be Destroy," Draxo said, kicking the Makuta away from Skovax. "Skovax has told me about you. I was looking forward to Metrados, but I can fight you. For now." "Destroy" rushed toward Draxo, scythe ready to slice him open, but Draxo deflected with his wrist blade. Skovax advanced toward the two and lunged at the Makuta, blades out. "Destroy," however, was prepared, and pulled out a second scythe to block Skovax's blades.

"The move you chose was incorrect," "Destroy" said. And he smiled as he said, "Try harder, and you could be as tough as a Makuta Fish one day."

Over the course of the war, Skovax had learned to not let his primal rage take over. After his mutation, he had gained a slight beastial side, and it often controlled him when angered or stressed enough. Now, Skovax was on the verge of breaking loose and unleashing his immense rage upon "Destroy," but a voice in his head was telling him to remain calm.

"Skovax, stop and think. What would the murder of another, Makuta or not, help? If your inner rage will save the world, what kind of world do we live on?" That voice belonged to Daxan, the Turaga of the Sand Dwellers Skovax had befriended. Skovax had promised himself that he wouldn't betray this friendship, like he had all his others.

Over the course of my life as a rebel, I've had several friendships, both real and fake. And every time, I've betrayed them all at least once. But something about Daxan and his wisdom and kindness toward me made me want to actually be an ally and friend of his. I promised not to betray him then, and I still wish to keep that promise...

As Skovax charged at "Destroy," he lept up, holding his blade over his head. "Destroy" held up one of his scythes, ready to block. The blades made contact, but Skovax, before oanding, thrust his legs at the Makuta. The kick made contact, and "Destroy" flew back, hitting the wall. Skovax and Draxo then charged at the Makuta for interrogation.

"Tell us where Metrados is," demanded Draxo.

"Destroy," however, wasn't ready to concede, and fired blasts of shadow energy out of his hands. Skovax and Draxo lept out of the shadow's path, allowing the blasts to strike the wall.

"Draxo, why did you betray us?" "Destroy" asked. "You could have been a ruler, a conquorer, and instead, you choose to live with the likes of him."

Skovax was confused. Draxo being a Makuta did explain his being able to use Kanohi, but he knew there was more behind Draxo than he currently knew.

"I had a free will, and I chose to leave!"

"You weren't supposed to have one, though. I guess using your own DNA in the antidermis was a mistake." "Destroy" then lifted his scytye. "A mistake I will correct."


My fight with Makuta Destroy complicated the mission, but not as much as what would happen afterward. Of course, what happened afterward would be a major development for my life; I was taken to the location you called the Hero's Tomb, where I was given the chance to discover my destiny...

As Skovax lunged forward, blades held out, he stabbed at "Destroy" numerous times, only to see the Makuta gracefully dodging and blocking his every move. He tried thrusting both blades forward, but "Destroy" blocked with one of his scythes. He then swung the other toward Skovax, though he jumped back before the blade could slice him.

"You can't keep this up forever," "Destroy" said, holding up one scythe in readiness for another attack. "I will kill you. And then I will kill your friends."

Skovax could only smile. "I don't have to any more."

A sharp pain then rushed through "Destroy's" body as he noticed the blade puncturing the armor, leaving a large gash behind as it was pulled out, causing antidermis to leak from his body at a quick rate. This was followed by two quick slices on his back, forming a large, X-shaped wound, causing more antidermis to leak out.

He whirled around to see Draxo, ready for a counterattack from the weakened "Destroy." He then looked over and saw Skovax had prepared himself for a possible attack. He then flooded his mind with images with all that had happened in their battle, trying to think of possible strategies, but none came to mind.

"Give up, Destroy," Skovax said, his blades held out toward him. "We've got you outnumbered and outmatched."

"Destroy" was outraged by that statement. He wouldn't allow himself to lose to Skovax now, not when he still had power at his disposal. As his anger flared up, he found his shadow energy boiling inside him, the feeling quickly spreading throughout his body. His body then started radiating shadow, a veil of deep blackness covering his body. "Destroy" was only visible amonst the shadows as a silhouette, his menacing red eyes piercing the dark cloak

"I will never surrender!" he shouted in a dark, ominous tone that didn't sound like his own. It could only reminded somebody of the dead Master of Shadows, Teridax.

"Especially not to some outcasts!"

The sudden explosion of power that resulted from the buildup of Shadow energy was comparable to that of a Toa's Nova Blast. Darkness instantly flooded the chamber, impairing the vision of the three beings inside. When the darkness cleared, he saw Skovax, his unconscious form lying on the ground, thrown into the wall as a result of the explosion. However, what sat near him was a large bubble of darkness. The bubble dissipated, revealing Draxo, arms outstretched. "Destroy" then raised his scythes as Draxo channeled his shadow energy into his wrist blade, a small bubble forming on the tip.

"So you can control the shadows now," he said, unimpressed. "How long did that take you? Two, three years?"

Draxo replied, "I have Makuta blood flowing inside of me, giving me control over the shadow energy. I also have a few other powers, but you can see those later."

The sphere formed into a beam, which flew into the large wound in "Destroy's" chest. The Makuta staggered in pain for a second, then slammed the bottom of his staff onto the ground, using it to support his body. A large sphere of darkness then formed on the palm of his hand, and he began to rapidly fire blasts of shadow at Draxo. He was also able to fire various beams of Rahkshi power out of his eyes. However, Draxo was able to dodge and block each of the numerous blasts being sent toward him.

And suddenly, as "Destroy" prepared to fire a blast of disintegration power, a blade stabbed him through the large wound Draxo created earlier, and felt a white-hot burning sensation flowing through his body, destroying his substance bit by bit. Eventually, the fire destroyed most of his substance, and he slumped into unconsciousness once the blade ejected from his body.

Draxo then saw a black being, with silver armor on his lower legs and a silver chestplate and helmet. One arm was normal, a small blade held in his hand. The other was mutated, with half of it being a blade, glowing and burning with the white hot intensity of a sun.

"Entak," Draxo began, surprised. "Where were you? What's been going-" he cut himself off as he noticed the blade that made up half his right arm. "What happened to you?" he asked, pointing to Entak's strange limb.

"I've been captured by the Shadow Makuta, where they tortured me into giving away the loation of the Sand Dwellers, but failed. They tried fusing me into a spear, but it fused to me, thus creating my new arm."

"Well it's great to see you again! I never thought you-"

Draxo was suddenly cut off. In fact, he, along with the unconscious Skovax, were gone.

Tuma rose from the ground, clutching the Kanohi mask of one of the dead Toa. As a taunt to the others, he then smashed the mask, a Volitak, to pieces within his fist. The Toa, a Toa of Fire and a Toa of Plasma, readied their weapons for another strike from Tuma.

The group of four Toa had managed to defeat the Skrall army somewhere near the chamber. It was a simple matter to have the Toa of Sonics track the sounds Tuma made after the battle to find his chamber, but Tuma was prepared, and he had killed one of them, a Toa of Gravity, right when they opened the entrance to the room. During the battle, another one, the Toa of Sonics, had also been speared through the chest by Tuma's blade. Now there were two left, and Tuma was confident that, if he could kill their most powerful Toa, he could kill them as well.

Tuma fired a round from his Thornax Launcher, though the Toa simply dodged and charged at the Skrall leader. He was able to block the Toa of Plasma's spear, but he then felt a sharp pain ringing in his side. Looking down, he saw the spear of the Toa of Fire buried in his flesh, then he felt a burning sensation course through his body. He screamed as the Toa burned his organs, and shoved him into the wall before he was melted inside-out, the sheer force of the impact killing the Toa. He then thrusted his other arm forward, his sword pushing the Toa of Plasma toward the entrance wall.

The Plasma Toa focused on channeling his energy until a small, glowing sphere appeared on his hand. He then shot a stream of plasma at Tuma, though he deflected the stream with his blade.

"Protosteel reinforced," Tuma bragged, holding the blade near his face, grinning. "Now let's see if you can get this close to me."

The Toa of Plasma then started hurling more bolts of plasma at Tuma. However, the Skrall leader dodged and blocked them.

"Still non-talkative, I see," Tuma said, a rather large smile on his face. "But who are you? I want to know your name before I kill you, like I did your friends."

The Toa of Plasma, now furious, charged forward. He leaped into the air and kicked the Skrall's face, sending him to the ground. As he opened his eyes moments later, he noticed the Toa's blade, the tip directly in front of his face and his orange Kanohi Huna glowing in the light.

"I am Toa Vohon, Toa of Plasma and leader of Metrados' Toa Hagah team. And I have no friends; there are only my allies, and my enemies." He then rammed the side of his spear's blade into Tuma's head. "And you're an enemy."

Although I had no idea what to expect, I did know one thing; I was here for a reason. I would soon find out that that reason was my destiny, my purpose in life. However, taking the choice and finding out my true purpose for existing would change my life in different ways than declining would have...

Skovax awakened to find himself in the center of a chamber, statues of various shapes and sizes surrounding him in each end of the area. As soon as he regained his strength, he wandered up to one of the statues. It looked like a Toa, but without a Kanohi mask. His only weapon was a sword, and he looked as though he was about to charge at some unknown enemy. Skovax looked across the room and found a statue of a large, bulky being, it's four arms wielding two blades and two blasters. However, this statue looked worn over the years; it had even lost part of it's arms, while the other one looked perfect, undamaged in any way.

He turned his attention back to the Toa statue. Skovax knew this must have been some ancient hero back from the Matoran Universe, the universe contained inside the giant robot Mata Nui once controlled. In fact, to Skovax, it almost looked like the being portrayed here was the actual, and not some carving. He then reached out, to place his hand on the statue.

Just as he was about to make contact, a voice rang out from the shadows, saying, "Don't touch." It didn't sound threatening or malicious, but it didn't sound friendly either. Skovax turned toward the direction the newcomer's voice came from, and saw a Turaga-like being emerge from a cavern, the entrance to it sitting at the other end of the statue chamber.

"I've spent most of my life down here, and I've summoned many to see my chamber," The Turaga continued, "but I have seen none like you, young Skrall."

"Do you know me?"

"Of course; your friend told me all you told him on your journey together."

Draxo emerged from the shadows of the large cavern and entered the chamber. "In exchange for our travels, this Turaga gave us information about him. He keeps track of the historical records of both the Matoran Universe and Spherus Magna. He calls himself the Recorder of History. His job is to maintain this chamber, making sure that the records are entered on the walls of this cavern while also keeping track of the past."

"However," He interrupted, "I face a problem; the wall of the Matoran Universe refuses to give to my staff...almost as though all history has been recorded for it."

"Mata Nui's body is destroyed, and all the inhabitants have evacuated to Spherus Magna," Draxo confirmed. "His spirit lies within the Kanohi Mask of Life, and is to awaken when the planet is rebuilt without his shadow looming over us."

"Skovax, your friend Draxo has seen into the past, present, and future. His chronicle has been revealed to him, and I wish to do the same with you. Come, see into the cavern of records, and your purpose will be revealed to you."

Skovax followed, hoping he wasn't making a mistake.

As soon as they entered the dark cavern, thousands of lightstones near the ceiling of the cave instantly lit up, allowing them to see the numerous carvings along the walls. Skovax, as he traveled into the rear of the cave with the recorder, noticed that one wall of the cave was smooth, with numerous Matoran letters on the walls. It then suddenly cut off, with only a rough natural cave wall afterward. He also saw numerous scars along the rough surface.

The Matoran Universe's destruction must have caused that, Skovax thought. He must have tried marking there, but failed.

As soon as they reached a certain point, they abruptly stopped. The blade of the Turaga's staff tapped a certain point of the wall as he explained, "This is it. The prophecy you are searcing for lies here. Remember, though, once you read this, it is your duty to retain this information, for if it falls into the wrong hands, the results may be disastrous."

Skovax looked onto the wall, reading the symbols making up the Matoran alphabet that lied on the section the Turaga's staff was pointing at.

As soon as Skovax stopped, the being Skovax suspected was the main interrogator looked back at him and said, "Then what?"

"I can't tell," Skoavx said, a grin on his face.

The interrogator's crimson red eyes flared with anger through the glass as he exclaimed, "What do you mean, you can't tell!?" His fist slammed into a table, between the two other beings sitting there, and continued, "I demand you tell me!"

Skovax was smiling proudly as he said, "No. I made a promise to the recorder that I wouldn't tell. And right now, I don't know who you are, which means I can't tell whether you're a friend or foe, which means I can't tell you, since I don't know what you'll do with the information."

The interragator calmed down as he and his associates started discussing amongst themselves. The leader then looked back at Skovax and said, "Since you won't tell me, I have no other use for you; thus, I will dispose of you at a random location." The being then walked out the box he stood in, only to reappear seconds later, walking through an entrance to the chamber. Skovax couldn't recognize him, as the shadows of the interrogation chamber hid his features. He then held out his palm, a dark, glowing energy forming in his hand.


Skovax then disappeared from the chamber.


Following Axonn, Toa Luye and Zetiak walked down the halls of Arena Magna, while Axonn told about what each chamber was meant for. He had already told them that the Arena Magna would eventually become a main stronghold for the Order, and Axonn was taking the opportunity to give them the grand tour ahead of time.

"This large door here," he explained at one point, "is the entrance to the arena itself. We only really use it for sparring, and the occasional matches for sport while we're not on missions. The room down there is one we're going to turn into a-"

Luye interrupted by saying, "Shouldn't we be somewhere?"

"Oh yes. I forgot. He's near the actual arena." he turned down another corridor. "This way."

The two Toa followed him down the hallway until finally arriving at a door near the middle. Upon entering the door, they saw somebody seated in the chamber. This being was Turaga-sized, wearing black and silver armor and an unknown to them Noble Kanohi mask.

"This is Daxan," Axonn told them. "He's been one of our servants since he was a Toa. In fact, it was us that made him a Toa."

"I had the potential, and the Order had the resources, "He said, standing up. "And, even as a Turaga, I've still been fighting alongside the Order of Mata Nui." He gestured toward a red and black Matoran sitting next to him. "This is Argon," Daxan continued. "He is one of the few I trust enough to keep the secrets of the Order with."

"Despite potential, he's been forgetful since he was a Matoran."

All four beings looked toward the entrance and saw a blue-armored being standing in the entrance to the chamber. All instantly recognized her as Helryx, the leader of the Order of Mata Nui and first Toa in existence.

"Axonn, I think the members in the west wing of the city need help with fortifying," she said. "I want you to go help them."

"Yes, ma'am," Axonn replied, saluting and then turning to leave the chamber. As soon as he was out of eyesight, Zetiak asked, "Now that the giant's gone, tell us: why did you summon us?"

Helryx only chuckled. "Your determination in battle and...everything else...outside...It amazes me that you can switch between personalities so fast." Her head then turned back in the direction the Toa and she continued, saying, "The reason I called you here is for your next assignment: As soon as the invasion starts, you, Luye, are to come here and defend Turaga Daxan."

"Wait, why just her?" Zetiak asked, in both shock and some anger. "Why not both of us?"

"Your powers, Zetiak. Magnetism is a powerful enemy against Makuta. By just blinking, you could magnetically lock a third an army together. And that would only be using a fraction of your power."

Zetiak could only stand in awe, wide-eyed at the realization that he was a huge asset to the entire war.

So many much potential that I have yet to unlock...

Zetiak only replied by saying, "Yes, ma'am," before turning and leaving.

The Jungle Agori Vendrak continued strolling down a hallway before arriving at a door, the silver plaque on the door reading, "Tesara Leader Council Chamber." The door slid open for him, and he entered, walking past all the other Agori sitting before him and finally seating himself at the head of the table.

Vendrak then raised a hand, calling for all the talk to stop before saying, "As you know, the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood situation has only grown worse since the war has started." He stood up and gestured toward the giant screen behind him and a map of Spherus Magna's mainland appeared on it. Vendrak continued, "The Maktua and Skrall had forged an alliance, but that ended when Shadow Makuta elites were killed by a rebel force. The remaining Skrall had evacuated the village beforehand, and are currently at an unknown location. The Makuta then claimed Roxtus as part of their territory, and afterward have raided the villages several times, all his attempts fortunately having little to no success. Metrados hasn't tried claiming any of the other lands, which means he hasn't been bulking up his army with their inhabitants, but he has been able to create his own soldiers, and with each raid, his forces have been growing stronger, the largest army being the one gathered to attack Tajun a mere four weeks ago. And with their forces growing stronger and ours constantly dwindling, we haven't much time left before the Shadow Makuta conquer our land."

Another council member, at the far end of the table, stood up and asked, "Then why are we trying? If takeover by the hands of Makuta is inevitable, than why are we putting up any form of resistance?"

Vendrak, surprised at how sudden the question had come, sat down and started pondering in deep thought. Finally, after a minute, he rose again and replied, "Right after the death of Makuta Teridax, during the great migration, a being I later learned was named Axonn once told me that nothing is a lost cause if it is worth fighting for. Ever since I heard that, I have lived my life by it. Even if hope is lost, there's no reason to stop fighting, not when we still have a chance."

"But, leader," another council member started. "Wouldn't it be wiser to use this time between raids to evacuate and relocate?"

Vendrak had become the leader of Tesara during the time of the Spherus Magna Rebels. He had Skovax sneak away and murdered the leader of Tesara while Skovax and his team were getting Ackar arrested, and his allies on the Tesara council, the ones that hadn't been killed, had nominated him as leader. Ever since the start of the war, and the disbanding of the Spherus Magna Rebels, he had had a change of heart. Now he was fighting for a new cause.

"No," Vendrak finally replied. "Not while we still have so much to fight for. We are an ally of the original villages of Spherus Magna, and we wouldn't be a good ally if we left the others to defend an abandoned village."

None of the other council members spoke after that.

"No other questions? Then meeting adjourned." Vendrak then walked back across the room and out the door. He then wandered down the hall and reached the entrance to the building. After he entered the jungle-like streets of Tesara, he started thinking.

Are we really going to be able to win this war? What if the Makuta are able to accomplish their plan?

And then something rang in his mind; a voice, but not his own. A picture of a glowing being appeared in his mind, followed by hundreds of various images, all of them appearing for a brief second as the voice said, Do not give up hope. In time, destiny will be accomplished, and all will be corrected; all will become right once more. The Shadow Makuta, especially Metrados, are not beyond the wrath of destiny. One day, six will come. The six will be gathered, with the purpose of eventually defeating the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood. It is through them that destiny's hand will come to punish the Shadow Makuta for their sins. Order and Chaos will play their eternal game through them, but nothing shall stop the six. Even in darkest hours, the six will come through...Do not lose hope, not while destiny can still prevail.

In an unknown location, in the middle of a desert, stood Skovax, wandering what the images he had just seen and message that he had just been given meant in awe. Finally, he returned to reality and began pondering what had just happened. He had no idea what most of the message meant, but he had been able to remember some of the images. Most of what he could remember were images of Toa, none of which he recognized. The one that he had seen the most wielded a sword and shield.

What does this mean?

Underground, the Recorder of History stood in much awe. Still wide-eyed, he raced toward a section of Spherus Magna's history; the prophecy he had shown Skovax a few weeks ago. He knew right away what the message that had just been conveyed had meant.

"Salvation is upon us..."

An Onu-Matoran sat in the middle of the city, his eyes gleaming a brighter green than he had ever known. Returning to reality, his eyes returned to their normal color as he stood up and stared at the sky.

Destiny... he thought. My time is almost here...the age of the new Toa...the age of a new hero...My age.


Skovax, this is just the beginning. The beginnig of a huge war for the planet. A few hours ago, the Makuta began their war by sending their forces all over the continent, attacking the villages of Tesara, Vulcanus, Tajun, and any other villages, cities, or tribes that pose a threat. Slowly, they will all fall, until none remain. And once that's done, the multiverse is next. But we still fight, and as long as this world has defenders, prepared for the fight, heroes, ready to win, hope still lives. Remember these words, Skovax. This is the time for you to decide: who's side are you on?

Skovax had kept the words at heart since the war had begun. They had been said by his former leader, "The Shadow Being," and now, he had nobody to lead him. No one to guide him through this.

No, Skovax thought. I have several to help me. Daxan, Medran, wherever he may be, Draxo, Entak, the Sand Dwellers...I have several in my life that can help me. I have learned my destiny, and the message I recieved has made it clear. Nothing will stop me from doing what I was meant to do, for all these years...

Suddenly, somebody appeared on the horizon. Skovax couldnt' make out who it was, but, whoever this being was, he was coming right for him.

With only seconds left, Skovax leapt toward a bank of sand, allowing the newcomer to pass right by him. He suddenly stopped, then whirled around and landed, just as Skovax was getting up.

As the being just sat in place, Skovax tried to identify him, but couldn't. He tried looking for anything that would give away his identity, but found nothing. The being was a dragon-like creature, easily twenty feet in height and carrying a large staff.

Something then started clicking in Skovax's mind. He had heard Matoran legends of a gigantic dragon that was imrpisoned on an isalnd long, long ago. He figured this was that creature, but he failed to remember the name he had heard.

Suddently, the dragon spoke. "Where is he!?" it said, in perfect, fluent Matoran.

Skovax was surprised that this creature could speak at all. While waiting for a response from Skovax, his eyes widened as something went off in his mind, and he replied by saying, "Sorry, I didn't know you were Spherus Magnan. I-"

"It's okay," Skvoax finally replied. "I've speak Matoran."

"Ah," the beast replied. "So I've finally reached a Bara Magnan I can understand." His eyes then filled with anger, glowing a deep, crimson red as he said, "Now tell me; WHERE IS HE!?"

"Where is who!?" Skvoax replied, also angered.

"Makuta Metrados! He and his soldiers have been after me for months, and I've figured I can get to him before he gets to me! I've tried proposing alliance after alliance, but none have worked!" His eyes then returned to their normal green color as he said, "I would think that he would want non-deceased brothers to stick close. Apparently, the minds of leaders don't think alike."

Skovax's eyes widened as he finally recognized the beast that stood before him. "You're Makuta Miserix," he said. "Former leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta."

Miserix's eyes closed. "Yes, that is I. But now, the Brotherhood is a lost cause. The Shadow Makuta are a lost cause." His eyes then flared open again. "And soon, for wasing my time, you will be a lost cause."

He then unleashed a Shadow hand, which Skovax was able to dodge. Miserix then raised his blade, but Skovax was able to whip out his blades and block the Makuta's right as he lowered it. Then, just as Miserix unleashed a blast of shadow, a being flew in between the two, and, holding up his sword, deflected the shadow blast at Miserix.

Just as he was getting up, the winged warrior landed in front of Skovax, and he examined the being that had just saved him. His armor was mostly a conglomeration of color, being black, yellow, orange, and mostly red, with a Toa-sized body and his only weapons being a whip of some sort, and a small, black sword.

Just as he had transformed into a black-armored being and threw a bolt of shadow toward Miserix, Skovax asked, "Who are you? What are you doing?"

"My name would mean nothing to you," the being replied. "These days, I'm known as Nobody. And as for why I'm here..." he hurled another, larger, bolt of shadow at Miserix, causing him to reel back, but overall, leaving not a scar or singe mark on him. "...I'm defending you from a member of the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood."

"But he said-" Skovax was then cut off, as he was watching as the being he thought was Makuta Miserix instantly transformed into Makuta "Destroy."

"Chirox...Now that brings back memories...he was one of the Brotherhood's insane scientists...had an addiction with creating creature after hideous, hideous creature...always trying to prove that he was better than his associate. Now, back to the important issue; while it's true that Makuta Miserix did try to ally himself with the Shadow Makuta, and failed..."

"Destroy" smiled.

"...I know he would never waste his time with a pathetic self-experimentation accident like you."

Skovax, out of rage, quickly jumped in front of "Nobody" and unleashed a sonic scream. "Destroy," unprepared for the sudden attack, was thrown back, while "Nobody" looked on, impressed.

"I never thought somebody like you would wield sonic powers, elemental or not," he said.

"It's a power I picked up along my journey. Most likely something to do with the protodermis. Now..." he turned back toward "Destroy." "...Let's end this, once and for all."

Followed by his massive army headed for Atero, Metrados continued his march through the grassland plains. Behind him were his six lieutenants, all meant to separate at a certain point and invade the six other villages. Beside him was Omnidax, Metrados' second-in-command, who was coming with him to old Atero. Metrados had known that Atero was being repaired by various villagers and warriors, and he not only wanted to conquer old Atero for this reason, but also to head the attack from. And if this attack failed, he would have a place to start future attacks from.

Metrados then signaled for the entire force to halt. Turning around, he said, "Go, my armies! From here, we will rule! Under the hand of Makuta Metrados, this planet will prosper! Teridax had his chance; now, Metrados will come out of the shadows! They thought the game had ended when Teridax had been killed; they were wrong!"

Metrados held his gigantic staff of shadows high. "Today, we shall take this land in the name of Makuta Metrados and the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood! Now go! Ravage! Conquer! Destroy!"

The armies then began cheering, and, led by Metrados' lieutenants, they charged, all toward one of the villages.

Conquer, Metrados thought. Soon, all will fall before my hand. Teridax's name will be comparable to a Dermis Turtle when I am done. But this, this is only step one.

Matoran and Agori were running in panic. Of course, when your village is under attack by Makuta, running is only a natural instinct. Makuta servants were charging through the streets of Tajun, and the Toa and Glatorian couldn't do much in holding back the invaders.

The Rahkshi of All Tetarahk shoved his staff into a small hut, and it instantly crumbled to pieces before him. However, what was inside the building surprised him. A massive being instantly reached out of the building and held his equally as massive staff up to the Rahkshi's head.

"Give me one good reason I shouldn't fry your body right now," the being asked.

"Tobduk, If we both know one thing..."

Tetarahk then unleashed twin beams of heat vision from his eyes. Tobduk, struck in the mask, recoiled in immense pain. As he fell over, the Rahkshi landed on the ground and held his staff at Tobduk's neck.

"...It's that I'm more powerful than you."


Tetarahk looked over, only to see a massive blast of fire heading right for him. He separated his staff, using the individual blades to unleash a blast of vacuum power. Without any oxygen to keep it alive, the fire instantly dissipated.

He then looked to see who had attacked him, and saw two Toa. One was a Toa Hordika, in one hand he carried a sword, and the other was a clawed hand, with red and black armor. The other Toa was red and yellow-armored, with an unknown Kanohi mask and carrying a sword and shield.

The black and red Toa activated his Kanohi, a Huna, the Mask of Concealment, and the other ran toward Tetarahk. His blades becoming a staff again, Tetarahk shoved his staff at the Toa, though he had evaded. The Toa then swung his sword, and Tetarahk blocked with his staff. Then, out of nowhere, a column of earth appeared from the ground. Tetarahk leaped off of the column and, once he landed, swirled around and jammed his staff into the ground. A greenish substance then began coursing through the earth, though the Toa of Fire simply coursed his own power into the earth. The Toa's fire cancelled out Tetarahk's poison, and something struck at Tetarahk from the rear.

Angered, he turned around and saw the black and red Toa, his claws flaming, and the Toa slashed again. Tetarahk responded instantly by blocking with his staff, once again separated into two individual blades. Tetarahk's eyes then closed and, triggering something in his mind, he channeled some energy into his staff, and the Toa of Fire slammed to the ground.

Standing over the Toa, Tetarahk said, "What's your name? I like to know the names of my enemies before I kill them."

"My name is Jaller, Toa of Earth and Fire. And you will not kill me."

Tetarahk held his blade above Jaller, but he was struck down before he could actually strike. The other Toa \stood behind him, smoke coming from his blade, and rushed toward Jaller.

"Are you alright?" he asked, helping the Toa of Fire and Earth to his feet.

"I'm okay, Flaryx."

As he stood up, Tetarahk's eyes flared.

"So your the legendary Toa Flaryx," he said. "The Toa of Toa. It will be an honor," he held up his blade, a grin plastered on his face, and continued, "to have your head mounted on my wall."


Tetarahk slammed his staff into the ground and, swinging off of it, kicked Jaller's face. The Toa fell to the ground as Tetarahk gracefully landed on his feet, and he suddenly whirled around to block the sword of Flaryx. He then retracted and swung his staff at Flaryx, the Toa blocking with his shield. As he raised his staff, something struck his back, and Tetarahk fell. Flaryx, helping Jaller to his feet, saw the being who had rescued them: tall and lanky, though filled with muscle and wearing a Kanohi Sanok, the Mask of Accuracy.

"Tobduk," Flaryx began. "It's nice to see you finally woke up."

"I've been awake for several minutes," Tobduk snapped. "I couldn't help you right away because I was busy." he pointed to the army. "And speaking of being busy, I have stuff to take care of." He then ran into the crowd, screaming as he whipped out a dagger. Even as he disappeared from sight, flying blood and energy blasts could be seen.

"That's Tobduk," Jaller said. Noticing his friend had awakened, Flaryx let him stand on his own. "Always the unnecessarily violent one."

Flaryx smiled. hearing funny remarks like that made him think of when times had been better. The return of the Matoran from Metru Nui, hearing news that the Great Spirit Mata Nui had awakened, the reformation of Spherus Magna. but now wasn't the time to think of that; now he was in the middle of a war.

In Tesara, Draxo was busy blasting Makuta servants with his various Makuta powers. They were either trying to strike him, or moving past him. A Toa-like being that was unlucky enough to get in his way was blasted with a beam of Shadow. Another large, four-armed being was blasted in half with laser vision. Three shadowy Vorox were shot down with another blast of Shadow Power.

This has to be the hardest challenge of my life, he thought. But then he had second thoughts. Well, not after the mountain....

He then started thinking back to when he was living on Xia. He and a friend he had made on the island had decided to climb the mountain. However, before he had been able to start his trek up the living rock, the Vortixx Roodaka had mutated him into his current form. He had been able to climb to the top, though his friend had died along the way. Draxo had received praise once he reached the bottom of the mountain, but he felt empty inside. He would never forget that memory.

Skovax slashed at "Destroy" several times before the Makuta finally countered with a blast of laser vision. The blast hit Skovax square in the chest, though he only flew back a little ways, landed on his feet, and clenched his wound. The blood poured out as "Destroy" attacked again, throwing his scythe at Skovax.

"Nobody" decided to take action, flying right into Skovax and flying him away from the scythe, and away from the battlefield. "We have to get out of here!" "Nobody" said. "We can't win; Destroy has too much power."

"Destroy" only laughed at their attempt to escape, shapeshifting into a massive, dragon-like Rahi and flying after them.

"You can run, but you cannot hide from me, Skrall!" "Destroy" said in a voice that "Nobody" and Skovax knew wasn't his. He then sent a blast of laser vision toward them. The blast his "Nobody"'s wing, sending both beings spiraling toward the ground. They landed in the middle of a lush forest, leaving a small crater from where they crashed.

"We need to move!"

They then began running deeper into the forest, but were stopped by a massive blast of chain lightning.

"You cannot hide from my wrath!" The voice rang in their minds as they ran through the forest.

Hours Ago...

Metrados threw Vezon across his throne chamber, and the Skakdi slammed against the wall. Upon falling to the ground, Metrados once again seized him by the neck and slammed him into the wall.

"Where is he!?" Metrados demanded.

"If I had any idea who you were talking about, I would tell you something," the choking Vezon replied. "But I don't know, so I can't tell you a thing. Did I ever tell you about how I was created? A blast from a spear hit one of my associates. I knew nothing - I barely even knew how to walk. But running...that was something I knew how to do at the time. Like how I ran out of Makuta's chamber and raced to Voya Nui when I heard of a Mask of Life. I-"

Metrados strangled him more. "SHUT UP! If you don't, I will kill you!"

"But you can't kill me; I'm immortal!" Vezon smiled. Then he frowned. "Oh yeah, the mask did that. Oh well; I lived a horrible life that nobody will remember me for. Sad that I won't be remembered, but if that's how death wants it, I'm not one to argue."

Metrados, now about to lose his own sanity, slammed Vezon against the wall once again. The Skakdi still wore a smile on his face, just to torture Metrados, though he knew Vezon was feeling the pain he inflicted.

"I'll ask you one more time: Where is The Shadowed One?"

"I told you I don't know. But did I tell you about how I was cre-"

Metrados, for the third time, smashed Vezon into the wall. "You've told me nothing. You're useless to me." Metrados had heard from his resources that Vezon was the last to see "The Shadowed One" before he disappeared, right before the attack on the Spherus Magna Rebels. Now, he regretted ever finding Vezon.

"And I tend to get rid of anything that's useless to me."

And suddenly, Vezon's face was glowing. His last words before disappearing were, "Oh, so you choose now to-!"

Metrados walked toward the door, punching down the entrance as he left. He had forgotten that Vezon had a Kanohi Olmak fused to his face, which was how he had escaped. He then walked through the hallways of the fortress until he finally found a room in the Destrak Nui fortress. Inside were several Matoran on computers, who all turned around to listen, so they could follow whatever Metrados' orders were.

"I want Vezon found," he said. "And killed."

Now, Metrados had finally gotten the information he had wanted. After many long months of satellite searching, interrogation, and other methods of information gathering, search Metrados' search teams had found "The Shadowed One" hiding somewhere in Bota Magna, the great forest.

However, Metrados had decided to lead the invasion of Atero, though he had decided to search for "The Shadowed One" himself after the invasion.

The invasion had gone smoothly at first, with the Makuta being able to quickly gain access through the wall the Order of Mata Nui had built around the city, and pretty soon about one third of the city was theirs. However, it soon the scale soon tipped when a large number of Order agents showed up to intercept the invaders, quickly driving both forces into a stalemate.

Metrados took an Order operative by the arm and blasted him with Shadow energy. He looked over after hearing screaming to see Axonn dicing a path through the army and straight for Metrados. Acting quickly, Metrados leaped away from the giant warrior, though he stopped and fired a large beam of energy from the tip of his axe. The beam struck Metrados, causing him to fall backward.

The Order leader Helryx then leaped from behind Axonn, holding the mace she wielded above her head. However, as she was coming down, a stream of purple-blackish energy came out of Metrados' hand, and his gigantic Staff of Shadows materialized in his hand. The two weapons clanged together, and with the staff being the more powerful of the two, Metrados shoved her away.

"Helryx," he began. "It's nice to see you again."

"It's no pleasure for me," she replied. "The only thing that would make it one is if I removed your head a second ago."

"Don't be like that." Metrados smiled. "It's not the proper way for a woman to act."

Helryx rushed forward, slamming her mace into his chest. As Metrados flew back, she quickly created a large stream of water, which wrapped itself around his entire when he finally landed.

Antidermis doesn't need to breathe, he said to her telepathically, thinking he had triumphed, but he then started feeling cold. He didn't know what was wrong until Helryx pointed to building nearby. Upon the top of the small building was Kopaka, Toa Nuva of Ice.

"Now surrender, or you freeze to death," She said to him, as Kopaka leaped down from the building. "Or we shatter you to pieces and incinerate your essence; whichever comes first."


Helryx nodded at Kopaka. He understood, and started to freeze the water. Metrados said nothing. Even as the icy feeling reached his neck, he still said nothing. The ice eventually covered the water, and the ice statue sat there. Kopaka walked up to the prison he had created, but the ice suddenly started vibrating. Both Toa then shielded themselves as the prison was destroyed, the shards flying everywhere.

"Your should have known your pathetic prison couldn't possibly hold me!" he said angrily. "I have much more power than you will ever know! And I will use that power to annihilate both of you!"


Skovax desperately ran as fast as he could, to keep up with his companion. "Nobody" thought it would be a good idea to run deeper into the forest, thinking "Destroy", the dragon-like being floating fifty feet above the ground, would lose interest in them and head back to headquarters.

Apparently, he was wrong.

Skovax nearly swore as another blast of lightning struck the ground a feet in front of him, causing an explosion that sent large pieces of tree toward the pair and forming a massive crater. As he continued to run, slicing through anything big that flew at him, he took a second to look over and see "Nobody", holding out his blade, which he had superheated, as he ran and melting through all the debris.

"Nobody" leaped into the path of a giant tree trunk and watched as his blade easily melted through the center, the two halves of the trunk flying on both sides of him. Skovax was amazed, but he quickly regained focus, continuing to move past the crater and deeper into the forest, until "Nobody" stopped moving forward and entered an underground cavern nearby.

"We can't keep moving," he said. "So we hide."

Skovax was concerned with "Nobody"'s sudden choice to hide. "Won't he eventually discover us?"

"It's possible," he replied. "But we have no other possible strategies; hiding is our best option right now."

"Not exactly," Skovax said, as he emerged from the mouth of the cave. He then climbed up a large tree, and, as he anticipated, "Nobody" followed. As soon as both of them were near the top of the tree, Skovax told "Nobody" his plan. Despite the risk, he agreed, and shapeshifted into a Kanohi Dragon.

"Destroy", noticing the other dragon, flew toward "Nobody", as planned. However, each of them were on a collision course. Before they could crash into each other, "Nobody" evaded at the last second, and Skovax jumped onto "Destroy".

"Get...OFF!" he screamed, doing whatever he could to get Skovax off of his back. However, Skovax was able to hold on, eventually whipping out his blades and clipping "Destroy"'s wings. He screamed in agony as he fell toward the ground, Skovax leaping off his back and being caught by "Nobody", still transformed into a Kanohi Dragon.

As both of them flew above the crater "Destroy" created, they both saw as he shapeshifted into his normal form and teleported away.

"Now," said Skovax, as they landed. "We need to figure out where we are..."

"Most likely Bota Magna," "Nobody" replied. "There seems to be a lot of vegetation around this area, more than this planet's forests should have."

"Bota Magna...this place brings back memories...but now's not the time. Now, we need to figure out where to go."

"Destroy" was enraged. That is, until he began to disappear.

After his defeat, he landed in the middle of the forest, the impact creating a decent-sized crater in the ground. He wanted to continue his hunt, but something else overwhelmed him, and, as a dark purple energy surrounded his feet, he began to disappear as it traveled upward. His legs had vanished halfway, but he could still feel ground.

Maybe I'm teleporting? he thought. No; outside forces can't control my powers...or at least as far as I know...maybe I'm being disintegrated...can't be that either; It would be an instant effect, and I wouldn't be feeling what's happening?

And then he found his answer. As his eyes disappeared, "Destroy" saw himself standing in the middle of a dark chamber, the rest of his body with him.

So it was-

"Teleportation. And yes, I can read your thoughts."

"Destroy" turned in the direction the voice he suddenly heard came from and saw the back of a being at least three feet taller than him. The being turned around, but "Destroy" had recognized him the instant he saw him.

"Lord Metrados!" he said, kneeling before his master. "I am deeply sorry, my liege, but I have failed end Skovax. but-"

"I know you have failed," Metrados replied. "In fact, you seem to be failing a lot lately. Failure is something I do not tolerate, for it makes you less useful than you once were. And with all your failures lately, you are almost useless to me."

Metrados' eyes gleamed red, as he blasted "Destroy". The other Makuta's armor was instantly destroyed by Metrados' power of shattering, leaving only his essence to float around. "Destroy" attempted to trigger one of his powers mentally as his master's eyes began to flare brighter than before.

"And I tend to get rid of things that are useless to me."

"Destroy" began to send Metrados a telepathic message, and it barely got through as Metrados blasted his former minion with large twin blasts of laser vision from his eyes. Afterward, with a snap of his fingers, a Rahkshi was summoned to his location.

"Erase any records we have of Makuta Destroy. I don't want any of his knowledge somehow ending up in enemy hands."

As the Rahkshi ran off to carry out the directive it had been given, Metrados began to think about the message "Destroy" had given him before his demise.

I will end you...if not today, then someday. But just remember: my vengeance shall be dealt upon you.

He quickly dismissed this as a hallow threat before leaving the chamber, satisfied with what had happened seconds earlier. He then wandered down the corridors of the fortress, entered a small chamber, and activated a computer moniter. Omnidax appeared on the screen.

"How is the invasion going?" he asked.

"Just as planned," Omnidax replied. "Even the clone you sent in is doing his part perfectly."

"He is even facing his predetermined target?"

"Yes, he is currently facing Helryx."

A smile formed on Metrados' face. But it suddenly returned to his normal, serious expression as he remembered.


"Yes, master?" he replied.

"I just wish to say that our minion, Destroy", has been...taken care of. We need not worry about him, or his failures, again."

Omnidax was enraged, but not by the fact that their minion had just died. "But he knows where Skovax is!" Omnidax finally replied. "Why kill him?"

"The reson," Metrados answered, "was that Destroy was failing me, and, by extension, he had proven his uselessness to me. And don't worry about Skovax; a quick mind scan before his death shows that Skovax is somewhere in the Spherus Magna forest, otherwise known as Bota Magna. However, his exact location is unknown, but, if all goes like I think it will, he will encounter a very unpleasent surprise..."

Metrados deactivated the screen and left the chamber. All was going perfectly now, and it would only be a matter of time before the world was his to rule as he willed it.

In mere days, I will be doing what took Teridax 80,000 years...the world will be mine...nothing will stop rule will be forever.

Tuma...wake up...the master wishes to speak with you...why won't you wake up already?

Tuma's eyes snapped open, and he found himself staring at a bright light, which he automatically placed his hand in front of and turned his head away from. Having lived in the enclosure and artificial lights of the Roxtus tunnels and his island fortress for the last few years, it took a while for his eyes to adjust to sunlight. As soon as his sight had adapted, he looked around and noticed that he was inside a prison cell; the source of the light was a window on the far end of the enclosure, which he had stared right at upon awakening.

Then he heard a voice coming from behind him; it said, "Is the Skrall leader having a hard time getting used to his new quarters?"

He recognized the voice, and he was angered. It was the same one he had heard right before he woke up. Tuma whirled around and saw the source of the voice: a Toa of Plasma. And it was one that he recognized.

"You!" he snarled. "You were one of the Toa that invaded my island and defeated me!" He then entered a fit of rage, punching the bars of the cell with his bare fists, but with no avail. Eventually, he got tired, slumping to the ground.

"They call me Toa Vohon," The Toa spat, as though it meant absolutely nothing to him. "I serve under the might of Lord Metrados, as the leader of his Toa Hagah team, and it was my mission to capture you and bring you here; Metrados said he'd deal with you later."

"Then why are you here now?" Tuma asked him.

"Because I like to torture my victims with my presence before they are executed. It's a really effective way of torture; you should try it sometime. In the afterlife, that is."

Tuma's rage only increased at the thought of being killed in front of Metrados. He probably only wanted to do this for self-entertainment, which increased his rage more. He had to get out, and he had to get his revenge.

"By the way, Metrados should be on his way right now, so I'd be on your best behavior if you want to live at least two seconds lo-" Vohon was cut off as Tuma finally punched a gap between the bars, his fist connecting with Vohon's face as well. The impact sent him flying through the empty cell on the opposite end of the hallway of cells and into the wall in the back of it.

"Consider that revenge for capturing me," he said, rage having overtaken his voice as he watched Vohon slump to the ground, unconscious. He then slammed the bars of the cell once again, his rage-increased power allowing him to smash through the bars. "Now for Metrados."


"Roxos" and "Lazor", guided by one of their Dark Hunter allies, wandered through the halls of the Makuta fortress. It was requested upon them by Metrados, before he left for a location he refused to share with anyone, that they find something in one of the hidden rooms in the fortress. He said it was in quadrant ten of their base, which was on the east end of their island. Over here was where Onu-Wana, "Wana" being Matoran for "tribe", was located; the area was once forest before it was burned and destroyed by an eruption, with Onu-Matoran having formed a tribe beneath the ground after the lava cooled, like with the Matoran on Mata Nui. They hadn't been discovered since, but what "Lazor" and "Roxos" were looking for wasn't in Onu-Wana; it was a secret room in the chambers beneath the island, and the underground tunnels located near the area were the only way to access this part of the island.

As the trio left the fortress, "Lazor" finally decided to ask the question that had been on his mind since they had begun their trek for the other side of the volcano: "So what is it that we're looking for?"

The Dark Hunter merely responded with a single word: "Classified." It was spoken by the hunter in a tone that had no emotion.

"Well how will it help us?" "Roxos" asked.

Again, he spat the word that had answered the first question, his voice still emotionless: "Classified." However, this time, he lifted the massive blade he had on his wrist.

Both ex-Dark Hunters decided it was best if they didn't ask any further questions; all would be answered as soon as they returned to Metrados. However, if it were so valuable and powerful that Metrados had to hide it beneath the surface of their island, they decided that they had the right to know what it was, since they were the ones told to find it; the Dark Hunter, despite only being assigned to guide them to the tunnel leading to the object in question. They were then instructed by Metrados to give the thing to Omnidax as soon as he returned from conquering Atero. Both of them figured that it would be given to Metrados as soon as he returned as well.

As soon as "Lazor" and "Roxos" saw the charred land they knew they were getting close. However, as soon as they approached the area, their guide turned away from the land and headed toward the forest. He then stopped as soon as he reached the edge of the forest, and pointed downward.

"What you seek is down there," the Dark Hunter said, his voice still as cold and emotionless as it had been before. "As soon as you find it, you are to, as you should know by now, seek Omnidax and give it to him; everything else will play out from there." Just as he turned to leave, "Lazor" blocked his path and asked, "How will we even recognize what we were assigned to retrieve!? We don't even know what it looks like!"

Their former guide smiled. It was a cold, emotionless smile, a void that was almost as dark and emotionless as his voice. "Lazor" could tell by this that he was one of Metrados' elites, and he wasn't used to being a guide; it was no wonder that he know that this object existed.

"You'll know you have found it when you do," he replied. "Lazor" and "Roxos" didn't know what this meant, but the hunter had left before they could ask any more questions.

"Where'd the coward go now?" "Lazor" asked.

"He's always going places before we can know stuff from him," "Roxos" replied. "Now let's get down there and find what we came for."

The duo then entered the small cavern, leaping down the massive hole and into a free fall. After falling for what seemed like hours, "Roxos" finally saw ground, and shoved his blades into the wall, halting his descent. "Lazor", knowing what "Roxos" had done, did the same thing, using his scissor blades to stop his fall. The two then released their blades, falling another fifty feet before safely hitting the ground. However, as soon as they stood up, they noticed that they had started in the middle of the pathway.

"Which way?" "Lazor" asked.

"Our guide never told us," "Roxos" replied. "He only said that we would know we found it when we did..." He then closed his eyes, trying to find it by using his other senses. Finally, after a few moments, he opened his eyes, pointed behind them and said, "It's this way," before moving down the path.

"How did you figure that out? Toa don't just say 'whatever I'm looking for is this way' and expect to find it down that way."

"I sensed great power coming from that direction." "Roxos" told his partner. He then took "Lazor" by the neck, slammed him into the wall, and rushed up to him, his blade at "Lazor's" neck while it glowed a dark grey. "And don't call me 'Toa' again." he then started to back away. "Unless you want to end up as part of this tunnel." He then watched "Lazor" get back on his feet, knowing that he had taken the warning to heart.

They continued to walk through the tunnel for hours until finally reaching a door. Neither "Roxos" or "Lazor" received a key, which forced "Lazor" to force his way inside, using his proto-laser to blow it apart. The smoke cloud cleared, and the former Dark Hunters saw what appeared to be a laboratory inside the room. They both searched the area, looking in any area possible until "Roxos" came across a rather large metal box.

"I think I found something," he said, pulling the box out and setting it on a desk. "Lazor" then joined him, watching as "Roxos" removed the top of the box and revealed a spherical object. It was mostly black and dark blue, and glowed a faint blue aura.

"This is it," "Roxos" declared, removing the sphere from the box and using the teleport they were told was in the lab to escape the cavern.

More Soon.


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