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Re-Matoran are a sub-species of Matoran imbued with an elemental influence over Time.

Spherus Magna Storyline Continuation[]


They can control time and can make non-living objects older or younger. Some Matoran can make living objects older or younger, but that rarely happens.


Re-Matoran are silver with body parts that can be black, red, green, tan, brown, blue, and white (due to them having a power similar to those of the Av-Matoran). Some Re-Matoran are also silver and azure, like Reia and Vlakro (before he became a Toa).

✋︎■︎♐︎♏︎❒︎■︎◆︎❍︎ Universe[]

You'll not find any more information on the elusive Matoran of Time anywhere else, I can guarantee that. Slippery fellows, always managing to weasel their way out of the history books. As a Great Being, I've been able to amass quite a bit of information on them, though not without effort.

I've spent years compiling these files... But you'll probably spend less than ten minutes glossing over them. So worth it.



I'm not too sure where, or when, for that matter, these Re-Matoran came to be, they certainly weren't part of the construction of the Matoran Universe. I guess... they kind of naturally popped up, if you will, as time went on. Their history is a short one since Matoran of Time do not have one. Literally. I mean they just fade away when they pass on. When a Re-Matoran dies, they don't get sent to the Red Star and all traces of them, including memories, disappear. Any of their personal belongings also vanish, unless they were given to someone prior to their death.

That being said, a very small amount of Re-Matoran under the guise of ordinary denizens have managed to make their mark on history. For example, there were two Matoran who were responsible for creating the Toa Canisters. One was a Ga-Matoran, the other was a Re-Matoran who bore the colours of a Matoran of Earth.


As with all Matoran, Matoran of Time are unable to access their natural Time-based powers. Their Time-based abilities manifest themselves in the aforementioned elusiveness within the timestream. They also seem to age more slowly, but this most likely has no affect on their overall lifespan as Matoran can lead very long lives already. Perhaps Matoran of Time have a slight resistance to natural wear and tear? It's all a mystery to me, really.

The most prominent feature of a Re-Matoran is their tendency to change their outward colours, like an Av-Matoran. How they do so and the circumstances in which a Re-Matoran does this is completely different, however. Naturally, a Time Matoran is black and ruddy gold with orange eyes. When they enter the timestream, that is, they enter civilization, they will randomly morph into a suitable colour scheme. This is a one-time change and they have no control over what armor they will have.

Known Re-Matoran[]


  • When Valentin 98 was choosing a name for the Matoran of Time, he chose "Re-Matoran" since in Russian, time means remah, and he used the "re" in remah to create the name for the Matoran of Time.
  • ChineseLegolas chose the "Re" prefix as the Re- prefix in English means "again", which is to do with repeating time.